Skillfully Editing Time Lapse Videos

Your time-lapse video may not come out as desired. This often happens, especially if you don’t know how to set up a time-lapse camera. So, what to do now? Your snapshots are ready and not all the images are bad. Only a few of the images shot are imperfect. Here’s what to do : separate the “wheat from the tares”. In this article, you are going to learn how to edit your timelapse videos to make them great.

Shoot Perfect Timelapse Images

The best way to get the best images for time-lapse is to make it a daily routine to set up your construction site with expertise. This is more of a preventive measure. It helps you avoid unnecessary construction mistakes that usually occasion tedious editing.

If you are shooting with a drone, you have to make sure you are always in control. Being in control here means that your drone’s camera is synchronized with a smart device (laptop or phone) at your workstation. Also, you should have a GPS attached that lets you know the current location of your drone.

Finally, in case you are shooting with a tripod stand. You want to make sure you stand it in a steady position. Also, control it in such a way that will withstand any slight shaking that might be occasioned by shutter activation.

Remove Flickering from Timelapse videos 

First of all, you need to know how to remove flickering from your timelapse video if you find any on it. Flickering comes in different forms. It could either be the brightness, contrast or natural flicker. But how do you “deflicker”? Professional time-lapse photographers make use of video editing apps and tools to get this done. These apps help you to correct or fine-tune your timelapse images. Your aim should be to even up the brightness on all the images in your video. 

Use deflicker tools to adjust blurs and irregular lighting occasioned by camera defects or construction mistakes. Helpful deflicker tools include Adobe Lightroom, LRTimelapse, iMovie (for your iPhone and iOS devices), Filmora9, and Vimeo.



Make effects and scenes with time-lapse

You might also want to spice up your contents with timelapse effects. These unique seasonings will help you market your content better. They will also make them more engaging and intriguing to your target audience.

Again, you can do this with reliable timelapse video editing apps. Use these apps to enhance your video quality. Upgrade quality to HDR. Apply exciting filters, cut - trim videos, and of course, add unique effects if you wish to.

Some of the best timelapse editing apps that experts use includes Lapse It, PicPac Stop, Timelapse Pro, MyTikee, Framelapse, and Microsoft Hyperlapse. Feel free to try out their free versions, you might just fall in love with one of them.


Make Photo Sequences into Time Lapse Videos

You also need to know how to make a photo sequence into a video. This is perhaps one of the most important skills a time-lapse photographer must possess because to make a time-lapse video, you collect images and speed up their screen presentation time.

To speed up your photo sequence, you will need a reliable video editing app. So, feel free to try out video tools such as Timelapse Pro, Vimeo, Hyperlapse Instagram, or your iPhone’s built-in time-lapse camera feature.


Things to note while Choosing a Video Editing App

You can either use these timelapse video editing apps online or offline. Usually, the on-web versions are only accessible with an internet connection. However, you can always download and install these apps on your phones and desktops for online and offline use.

Now, before you choose to use a video editing tool, make sure you do a little of research on it. Be sure that your app’s interface is user-friendly. Be sure that its pro versions are affordable or that the free versions offer considerable value at least. Read reviews on app stores to know how previous users feel about the app you are choosing. Also, be certain that the app secures your data or information you release while signing up.