How To Find The Best Intervalometer?

If you have just started to plan for your personal time-lapse creation, and you are on the mission to buy the equipment necessary for it, then don’t forget about the remote timer also known as intervalometer because without it, you won’t be able to control the interval between each picture taken. We can feel that you are learning about how to set up a time-lapse camera? Which techniques to employ for preparing time-lapse, editing of time-lapse pictures and videos, etc. But you are still confused about how the intervalometer works! An intervalometer is necessary for time-lapse, because this device sets the timer for intervals between each picture taken by your camera.

Tips For Buying An Intervalometer

Ready to learn some useful tips for buying an intervalometer? Let’s go!


Since most of the intervalometers look alike, it becomes problematic to choose one. Remember, the uses of an intervalometer are many, but the most important thing is the features that the intervalometer offers. For instance, observe how well it works for camera shutters. Is it easy to use? Is it a wired remote controller or does it have a wireless remote? If you go for the most advanced ones, then they might offer some amazing features like HDR support, mirror-up delays, ramp-up, etc. But we would recommend not to buy a very expensive one if you are a beginner, a basic intervalometer has the capability to be your partner.



Buying an intervalometer might cost you, but it will be a great investment. Its price ranges from about $12 to approximately $50. W, butve observed that even a wireless one with appropriate features can be bought for less than $20. So you don’t need to be thinking of wasting money on an extremely expensive one!



Branded Intervalometers

Branded intervalometers are expensive, but you do not have the fear that it might fail you while shooting, as they are a safe investment, and you won’t need to buy another one for years. Moreover, we made a guide about how to work with an intervalometer. The most notorious intervalometers include :


Neewer 6-In-1 Time Shutter

The best thing about the Neewer 6-in-1 time shutter is that it can be connected with six different camera plugs. Moreover, it has a long wire that makes it easy to attach to the camera. Most of the settings are manual, so you get the advantage of setting up all the things according to your choice. Every time-lapse shoot has different intervals, so you need to set the best interval according to the location and subject.


PHOLSY Wireless Timer Remote

Pholsy’s wireless timer remote is most of the photographer’s favorite because there is no tension of wire, and you get to manage the settings even from far away. Plus, it has more advanced features that generate perfect results.


LRTimelapse PRO Timer 2.5

The LRT Pro Timer is a small and light intervalometer with a built- in Li-Ion Battery which can be charged via USB and hold up to 20 hrs. It has a crisp OLED display, a single knob for very easy and ergonomic operation – even in the dark and with gloves. It supports two cameras, timed and periodic shooting, improved support for Mirrorless Cameras, Flashlight feature for foreground illumination and most important: it allows you to shoot with the shortest dark times possible.


Unbranded Intervalometers

Yes, unbranded intervalometers also exist and are available on Amazon! Even if some of them work quite well when it comes to shutter release, long exposure, it depends on your luck if you are able to find the right one : they’re cheap but usually don’t have a very long life.



Hopefully, you now have a clear idea related to intervalometers, and you’ll choose yours like an expert, but if you are still worried then check the compatibility of different intervalometers with your Nikon, Canon, Fuji film, DSLR, Panasonic, Samsung, or phone camera.