Best Options For Learning Time Lapse Shooting!

The world has changed at a greater pace in the last decades, and the learning systems have been revolutionized as well. People tend to become efficient in multiple skills at the same time. This not only helps to earn, but people also continue their passion along with their profession. Photography is the passion of many humans around the globe and nowadays, time-lapse photography and motion videos are becoming the apple of everyone’s eyes! If you are interested in creating time-lapse as well, then let's figure out together what are the best options for time-lapse training. If you are one of those people who think training would be a waste of time then you are on the wrong path since time-lapse has many vital elements that can only be comprehended by guidance and practice, for instance, do you know about time-lapse interval.

Master Time Lapse Creations From The Best Guides!

In a nutshell, all these trivial elements help in time-lapse creation, so get to know about the options from where you can learn time-lapse shooting in one go!

Online Courses

The Internet has provided us with infinite facilities and within a few clicks, we can register ourselves into many online courses on Google. Yes, you are thinking right! Many online courses are available for time-lapse photography as well as the “Master Time Lapse Course”“The Art of Time Lapse and Hyper lapse Photography” by Skillshare, “Total Time Lapse”, and others. You will have to search the internet for the best ones, as there are many on the list!

These courses are the most authentic way to learn the skill of time-lapse because in them, students are taught even the basics : buying a tripod, exposure settings, shutter speed, frame rate time, etc. Let us tell you that if you are unable to use a tripod then you might even lose your camera by some accident; moreover, buying a camera and its equipment is also not easy for everyone.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is considered one of the best forums for learning and training of time-lapse since so many professionals share their experiences and works, like day-night and holy grail time lapses, on their channels. Let’s discover the best and most followed ones!


Matthew Vandeputte

Vandeputte’s tutorials on his YouTube channel are not only helpful, they’re also pleasing to watch as his time-lapse scenes are incredible, and post-production video editing and Adobe After Effects tutorials are easy to comprehend. He has many followers on his channel, and maybe you too can become a part of his community.



Michael Shainblum

Once you watch one of his videos, you will definitely become a great fan because he is impeccable in his work. Shaiblum’s channel describes the latest techniques to choose a tripod for time-lapse. Which is one of the most important elements when making timelapse. He also guides the viewers with tips even about the minor details like time-lapse calculator, motion, sequencing, time-lapse network, etc., to help make something great without much effort.



Emeric’s Timelapse

While watching Emeric’s videos on his YouTube channel, you will feel like you are a part of some training institute and will get to discover vital things like how to assemble time-lapse, how to frame it, and employ editing tools such as Adobe After Effects.



Alex Timelapse

Alex knows that time-lapse has the excitement and thrill that everybody keeps looking for, and he focuses on locations that have never been explored by any camera. His tutorials are appreciated by all and his helpful tips for time-lapse effects, frames, frame rate time, and video editing effects like white balance are amazing.



Trust us, there are infinite sources from where you can learn time-lapse, either you wish to go to some studio, or prefer to learn it online. All you need to do time-lapse yourself, ready to enter the incredible world of “Time Lapse”!