What is monitoring and controlling the project?

Project control and monitoring are a part of the project management plan. Keeping aside the PMP, if we narrow down to monitor project progress, that is just to track, review and report the project's progress.

But how to do that effectively? Keep reading the article to know how you can monitor and control project work and, correspondingly, improve the project's performance.

Here, basically, you have to monitor the project from the beginning to the end and perform regular analysis, check if the project's status is according to the schedule or not if the quality reports are fine and similar actions. You will also have to take preventive measures in case of any risk.

If you are unaware of the techniques and hesitate to take action, you may miss some updates, and hence, you'll not be able to find out the variance of the project. 

Project management is mostly required in larger projects, where a project manager handles all the management work and leads the project to successful completion.

So what actions are involved in the controlling and monitoring of a project?

What are the tools for monitoring a project? 

There are various project management tools that are helpful in monitoring the progress of a project and further analyzing it. Project monitoring tool makes sure that you are able to monitor the project report closely and efficiently. 

Performance analysis of the project 

You plan to perform the analysis of the project in terms of various aspects. Mainly, you check the variance of the project, check if the project is on schedule or not. If not, make some changes to the tasks and provide regular updates to the team's data reports. Finally, guide them with their actions and exchange opinions. 

You should also perform individual performance analyses to make sure of individual work quality. Doing this will help you fetch more data, hence control the project in a better way.

Monitoring the implementations 

When there's a change of plan in the process, you will have to monitor that and check if the implementations are correct or not. You will also have to take preventive measures, send reports to the team in case of any change requests. Then, guide the team with the changes; basically, to monitor and control project work is checking the quality of the work, and controlling is to take corrective measures to improve the quality or correct the work in case of any faults.


Time and Cost Management

Time and cost are one of the main aspects of a project. Focus on the quality of the project but keep the cost of the project in mind and work accordingly. Or, if you are fine with the cost and quality but getting out of the schedule, you need to manage it.

Monitor the group you are working with, provide them updates regularly about the deadline, and manage the budget by controlling the cost. Process the requests with proper analysis; a good project manager tries to keep the quality of the work fine within the cost limit and work schedule efficiently.

You will also have to make schedules and cost forecasts. These forecasts help you get the overall idea about the estimated time and cost of the project, which helps you manage the workflow even better.

Regular meetings

To monitor and control project work, meetings are very important. You have to hold regular meetings to give updates, exchange opinions, guide them with their issues, and keep them motivated to work. Because the group of people you are working with is the main asset to complete the project, keeping them motivated is essential to complete the project successfully.

Inputs and Outputs

The inputs are the project management plan (PMP), approved changes, performance info, and forecasts.

The outputs are the performance reports, updates to the project documents, project management plan (PMP) updates, and change requests.

What is the difference between milestones and tasks?

It is very important to understand the difference between project milestones and control points to make sure that you do not confuse both of these. The basic difference between project milestones and tasks is that the tasks are referred to a particular piece of job to be done in a specific period of time, whereas as project milestones are referred to the project goals that you need to achieve by accomplishing a set of tasks.