PlanRadar: The Best Construction Site Project Management Support Tool

Construction projects are big and long term projects that involve a large company working behind them. This is why it requires intensive management to ensure that progress goes smoothly. If you are assigned to be one of the managers for this kind of project, you surely have to be effective with project management tasks. Make use of construction site monitoring software to support you with tracking the progress of your project.


What PlanRadar Offers?

PlanRadar is one of the best tools that serves as an all-in-one solution for the documentation, organization, communication, tracking, and reporting tasks for your project. There may be another software or app that you see online, however, PlanRadar offers a lot more features when you compare them. Here are some of the best features it offers to its users:

Hassle-Free Punch List Report

A punch list is also known as a snag list that lists defects of the project. This feature enables you and every worker to be able to document and create tickets real time via mobile phone for defects within the work. When you notice the fault, take a picture or video of it, upload it to the app as a punch list ticket, and add a short description of it. Report and assign it to the team that is accountable and monitor its progress afterward, so you can be sure that it will be resolved.

Daily Site Diary

The most effective way to manage construction is by monitoring it daily. You may think it may be tiring, but this work is actually easy because of the digital site diary that PlanRadar offers. This time, you do not have to worry about filling a lot of papers because documentation is done online, so it will be paperless. The software already has a built-in template, so you just have to enter the data of the day’s progress. Record all the activities on the site, and share the progress with your team via the app. The site diary structure is also customizable, so you can create your own template according to the requirements of your company.

Easy Task Management

This cloud based task management by PlanRadar will help you create and assign tasks for your team members. The software will send a notification to the personnel to inform them of a task they have to work on. This enables effective and easy communication among team members because they can view their assignments real time with their mobile phones.

Ready-made Inspection Checklists

Create customizable checklists to easily collect data about the equipment, workplace, safety, and others. You can directly fill out your checklists via your mobile app while inspecting the site. This will help save time for you and the inspection team. Tracking the checklist is also not a problem because you can easily view and export it from the software platform to share with the stakeholders and board members.

Plan Management

Tracking the plans of your project is another important part of management. You must make sure that the development of the construction goes according to plan. PlanRadar assists with the organization of the structure of the project plans so it will be easier to track if it is being followed. 

These are just some of the main features that PlanRadar offers but there are a lot more services it provides. PlanRadar is the best support you can have when your work involves project management. It can be used for free but going premium is best so you can enjoy all its features and services. The price is affordable and is definitely worth the cost. PlanRadar has lots of positive reviews online and it shows how it helped many companies ease the burden of project management and boost their business.