Tikee Pro: The All Around Stand-alone Time Lapse Camera

Time-lapse photography is now widely used by many, not just for fun, but also for different kinds of projects that require the production of photos and videos. Some of these projects are those that involve construction sites, events, or tourism. For these projects, time lapse is the best photography technique you can use to showcase your product whether it is the building, the event, or the tourism place. The best camera for this is a stand-alone time lapse camera that can capture an image or a video of your project, even without a photographer behind it. From the name itself, it can stand alone. You just have to place the camera where it can capture a great view of your project site, turn it on, set your preferred settings, and it will shoot on its own to make your time lapse content.

One of the best stand-alone time-lapse cameras is the Tikee 3 Pro. It is innovated by Enlaps, a French company founded in 2015 and has won the CES Innovation award in 2016. Tikee Pro is built to help professional photographers and anyone else to track the passing of time in the digital world. The “Tikee” word itself stands for timekeeper. This device is made as a solution to capture the passing of time and produce a creative timelapse video.



Features review of Tikee Pro


Tikee 3 PRO
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  • High-resolution image quality 一 This generates a high quality of 4K to 6K image resolution.
  • Built with two sensors 一 You can choose whether to use the left or right sensor lens for shooting or let both sensors film a wide panoramic view of up to 220 degrees.
  • Weatherproof 一 Leaving it outside on sunny, windy, or rainy days is totally fine because it can withstand weather changes.
  • 4G LTE and Wi-Fi compatible 一 Connecting to your camera remotely through your mobile phone is not a problem because its system is 4G LTE and Wi-Fi compatible. It also comes with an online cloud solution, so you can access your photos via an app.
  • Fast burst sequence 一 Tikee Pro can shoot to a minimum of 5 seconds interval to a long-term sequence of at least 30 seconds for your timelapse content.
  • Partnered with a Timelapse software 一 This comes with a timelapse builder where you can directly edit your images to a timelapse video. Creating timelapse content will surely be hassle-free for you.


Tikee Pro for Construction Monitoring



This camera time-lapse is surely the best for construction site monitoring, because of its long battery life that can last up to a 6-month period. It also has a built-in solar panel for additional power sources. It allows you to film the full evolution of your construction site and then present it as a timelapse video.



Tikee Pro to Showcase an Event

When you are working on an event project, showcasing your event (such as a concert, conference, meet and greet, etc.) with a timelapse is a great idea. A timelapse video can show what happened all throughout the event within just a few minutes. If you want a memory of your event, then this can be your storyteller.



Tikee Pro to Promote a Tourist Place

Tikee Pro can also help with shooting beautiful sceneries of a certain place. So if you want a video production of your tourist place for advertisement purposes, this camera can definitely be your partner. It can capture stunning photos of the view because of its high-resolution quality and panoramic lens. It can also create a great timelapse video to showcase beautiful landscapes.

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