Best Time Lapse Cameras for Photographers

Lots of photographers nowadays create time lapse contents because it results in a different level of creativity. Imagine seeing the motion of an object from a still image or viewing a 5-10 seconds video that shows the whole scene of a sun setting for 2 hours. That’s what a time lapse photo or video is.

Using a camera with great time-lapse settings will surely result in stunning photos and videos. 

If the camera is built for shooting time lapses then it will have guide settings for the proper exposure, frame interval, frames per second, shutter speed, and such. A high image resolution set up is also important so that when you create timelapse from photos, it will be clear and sharp.


Recommended Cameras for Time Lapse Photographers

Time lapse mode is actually available on mobile phones. This means that anyone can simply shoot time lapses. However, photographers take a step higher because they can actually make money with time-lapse photography

Because of this, they take on a lot of consideration when choosing which camera to use for their photography gigs. 

So if you also want to transition to being a professional, then the first step is to invest in a camera that has excellent timelapse mode settings. Below is a list of recommended cameras for timelapse photography.


Nikon D850

 It is a DSLR camera that offers 8K6 and 4K time-lapse videos that result in sharp and detailed quality. It is a full-frame camera and has an interval timer shooting control. You can create raw images from the timelapse shot, and you can also transfer it to an external software for editing. Its full-frame sensor gets the details in a low-light set up, especially during night time. This camera may be more expensive than others on the market, but it is still worth it.



Canon EOS 90D

This costs cheaper when it comes to price value. But it still  provides a great quality of timelapse videos. Its crop sensor control is at 33 MP, frames per second settings at 10-11, and is best used with a long telephoto lens. This has a subject tracking feature, and its resolution can go  up to 4K, which provides a high-quality photograph.


Nikon Z6

It  is known as a great onboard camera because of its three great functions, which are exposure smoothing, interval timer shooting, and silent photographing. Shooting while in motion causes rapid changes but because of the features of this camera,  the stability of the images and videos is guaranteed.


Sony A7 III

This is a mirrorless camera that creates high-resolution images. It also results in less blurriness as compared to DSLRs. It has a 32.5 MP sensor and is also a great choice for shooting in a low-light setup. The built-in intervalometer in this camera, which automatically triggers the shutter click, creates beautiful time-lapse videos. This is best partnered with a wide-angle zoom lens of 16-35 mm from the Sony Gold Master series for quick focus, and a wide-angle image capture.


Canon EOS M6 Mark II

This offers a cheaper price value for a mirrorless camera. This is also great for timelapses and the sensor is at 24.2 MP. It produces high quality images thanks to  its ISO that reaches up to 3200, and shoots at full HD. This is a great choice for street photography or for a scene that has motion such as a sports event.


Tikee 3 PRO

This is another stand-alone camera built for creating time-lapse for long-term projects. It offers 16- Mpix sensors and a rotator lens to capture a panoramic view. It is lightweight and can stand weather changes. Likewise, it can be connected to a 4G LTE or Wi-Fi and you can mount a memory card of up to 512 GB. 



It comes with GPS mode and a mobile app, so you can access and control the camera via Android and iOS phones. Firmware updates may be done via SD card, 4G LTE, or Wi-Fi. Tikee 3 PRO captures full image resolution of up to 4K size.



GoPro Fusion

GoPro may be the best choice for onboard cameras. GoPro Fusion allows shooting at a full 360° angle and high quality (up to 5.2K resolution), perfect when shooting in motion. There are two ways to shoot a timelapse. First, as photos, and second, as a video. 

Time lapse photo mode will shoot according to the interval of seconds you choose and once done, it will save the images captured at that period of time.

On the other hand, a time lapse video requires less control because you just have to film in timelapse mode, and once you stop shooting, it automatically creates the timelapse video. Your video will be quicker than the original duration.


Brinno BCC 200

If you need to use the camera for a long period of time, such as creating a time-lapse for a construction site project, then you may consider this one. It captures a wide panoramic view and is built with a low-light sensor, so it can film at night, when dark. Also, it is built with long battery life to ensure that it works on the long term. 


Features a Time Lapse Camera Must Have

Unless you have the ability to purchase all the cameras, it must be challenging to pick just one from all the great cameras on the market. These are just some that we  recommend, but there are actually a lot more time lapse cameras available. 

Each camera varies from one another and has specific specializations. What you must keep in mind is that it must have these following features so you can be assured that it will produce a great quality of photos and videos for your time lapses.


Wide range ISO

A wide range ISO is important so that you have a wide option panel for your ISO adjustments. The camera must have the options to adjust to a low ISO for shooting time lapse at a high light setting. 

Low ISO also helps with making less photographic noise, and the image sharper. However, if shooting at a low light set up, then the ISO must be set at a higher rate.


Excellent Interval Shooting / Frames per Second (FPS)

This is one of the settings that greatly affects the timelapse content. When you are going to take a shot of a fast-moving object, intervals must be set shorter. 

If the movement of the subject or scene is slower, then the interval can be longer, usually at 30 seconds. Cameras with a built-in intervalometer are highly recommended to automatically set timed intervals.


Great Shutter Speed

The shutter speed setting must be able to double the rate of the set frames per second. The ideal shutter speed settings for timelapse is twice the FPS. So if your setting is at 20 FPS, the shutter speed should ideally be at 1/40.


Has Low-light Sensor

This enables nighttime shooting. Even when dark, the low-light sensor can control lighting to produce great photos even at night. This is the most important feature your camera must have if you want to film a time-lapse of the night sky.


Produces High Resolution, Full HD, and RAW Format Images

If you are just an ordinary person who wants to download a video or image content from online software such as Real player, Real video, or ActiveX, you will choose one with a great quality, right? 

Of course, you would not want something that is blurry or grainy. A sharp, clear and detailed photo and video is always the best because it looks appealing. This is why the image and video quality outcome of the camera must be excellent. Cameras that produce high resolution, full HD, and RAW format images and videos are a must-have!