Create a hyper-lapse or time-lapse in motion

Many people think that creating a timelapse video is daunting, as it is an incredibly technical feature. Whether you're wondering how time-lapse video works, how to create time-lapse scenes, or learn about hyperlapse, we'll cover the guide from start to finish.

Understanding about Hyperlapse


Time-lapse and hyperlapse are similar but work very differently. Hyperlapse techniques are considered the best timelapse control management system. Hyper lapses are a modern version of time-lapses. Read on to learn what is hyperlapse and how to create one.



Basic Overview on hyperlapse      

Hyperlapse is a new technique in photography that has only been around for a few years. Unlike timelapse, you don’t need to use a tripod to capture shots. Because most hyperlapse photographers shoot handheld. 

Hyperlapse photography is an awesome way to capture movement while staying in one spot. This is because you can change your perspective and focus in ways that aren’t possible with normal footage. A hyperlapse can also save you a lot of time when traveling. Hence, it has the best timelapse control management system.

If you’ve ever tried time-lapse, you know that you can only capture a small area with your camera. A hyperlapse is all about changing your perspective and conveying movement within one frame. In other words, it’s another way to nail a time-lapse shot.


Making a Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is timelapse with a frame movement. In timelapse the camera stays in the same place during the whole shooting, but in hyperlapse you move from one point to another while shooting. Making a Hyperlapse is easier than you think. In this guide, we will cover all the points.


Choose lots of Space

The hyperlapse photography style allows you to create beautiful, smooth time lapses with your camera. It also has the flexibility to be both cinematic and creative, yet still cinematic.

You’ll need to walk around quite a lot to get a decent hyperlapse. To achieve this, you need to shoot in a location with lots of space. Don’t forget to watch your steps, so you don’t accidentally trip during your photoshoot!

The final result you create with hyperlapse is going to be influenced by the location you choose. So make sure to choose a location that fits your style and is suitable.


hyperlapse effect in town


Choose a perfect Hyperlapse direction

Hyper lapses are relatively adaptable when it comes to capturing movements. The most frequent motions for timelapse management control system are :

  • Moving around a subject
  • Moving away from a subject
  • Moving towards a subject

We recommend trying at least one of the above motions for a perfect shot.


Shooting in Raw and Manual Mode

Raw mode processes image data. This helps to edit photo easily. RAW images are larger compared to JPEG images, so keep your memory card space in mind as you take photos.

As the name says, Manual mode gives you full control over your camera settings. This makes 

timelapse control management easy and makes sure that all of your photos look consistent and proper. Though it takes more time to capture, they tend to look more professional.


Editing Hyperlapse Video

If you’ve ever seen a hyperlapse video online, you know how amazing they can be. They melt the distances between huge cities into minutes and let you experience a euphoria of speed.

Many hyperlapse photographers take a few frames, import them into Lightroom and maybe add some basic exposure or white balance adjustments before moving on to the editing stage.

 You can use it to color correct your images, remove unwanted details, or add more clarity to your shots.

Once you're done, take Your Hyperlapse to the Next Level With Editing. Import your photos into an editing program of your choice, like Lightroom/ Adobe Premiere Pro. Follow the steps :

  • Import the files as an image sequence.
  • Name the images in alphabetical order
  • Make sure the images are imported correctly


Most of the video editing programs have a setting called Warp Stabilizer. Which automatically fixes any shaky hand movements and makes your final video look stable.

Remember, to add music and a logo to your hyperlapse to get more professional results. 


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