How to track alerts on a project?

With every project, some issues arise. It is important for you to focus on project risk and project risk management by understanding the project issues and solving them one by one. In addition, your project should also be on track. For that, you need to track the progress of your project by setting up alerts.

So, how can you get your project completed with perfection? Keep reading the article to find out the ways.


An organized way to work on a project can lead you to the successful completion of the same; without planning and research, you would face a lot of unwanted trouble in between, leading to more difficulties.

  • There are many ways to track your project's progress, and one of the most important ways is by making alerts and tracking them.                                               
  • To track project alerts, you should create a report or a list of your team and set a particular time by which you want the project completed by a set percentage.
  • Using software with your team would send you notifications of status reports, helping you with the activity management of your project. If a role is assigned to each person in your team with tasks and a given deadline with tracking enabled, you might get more efficient results for your project. 
  • For example, Google uses Google Alert to alert the users about any changes in the content they searched for.
  • It's recommended to use data monitoring software or applications. You have to do nothing but add your team, set the time, and finish. You will be alerted continuously when your project reaches a particular milestone. Whether it's a task, project, or any activity being completed with a team, getting a status report at each step would increase the overall workflow of your project. You'll also get more info at each stage, which would help the project improve even more.


track project issues


How can you track issues on a project?

  • The resolution can be many for an issue on a project. It would be best for you to anticipate the issues and be prepared. 
  • Working organized on a project would help you track the issues and resolve them more easily. So, firstly, it's imperative to frame your project in such a way it's both easier to track and work on.
  • Issues are just a set of difficulties coming up on a project, some issues might need immediate attention, because they could develop into serious issues if not given attention initially.
  • Well, you can create a template for the project, take some time, list the things you want to be included, the points you want to focus more on the project, and discuss them with the assigned users of the project. It's very crucial to make your team understand the work properly. Create project goals, milestones, deadlines and try to catch up with them.
  • And you must know all the aspects of the projects; otherwise, it would be hard for you to identify the issues at the first point. Issues might arise due to the assigned person, team, equipment problem, shortage of any supply required, or delays due to some reason.
  • So, it would be best to collect the data of all the issues and list them down. Then create a resolution list and work on them till they are solved. Select and track people who made some mistakes to guide them through the work.
  • You should also select the values of your work so that you don't miss the mainframe of your project. Check the region of the project frequently and check if everything is set in its place, like assigned people, milestones and deadlines, etc. Tracking of the issues can also be done by the management of the status report.
  • Take extra care of reporting issues in time to each user. Everyone should be aware of the issue’s  status report with an issue log maintained. Ensure to double-check the issue’s  resolution before closing it.
  • Don't leave everything on default ; you should check the report from time to time. For example, if you select a template for your project work and then leave it on default to the users, the outcome will not be what you expected.
  • If you work on milestones, you'll be able to check the outcome at each step, making it easy to track down the issues.
  • You can use software to track project alerts, and issues at once. The software or application will sort and display all the information you select; you can keep track of all the data and make the whole process easier.


The entire matter is tracking, so you have to focus on the outcome, list the issues, make logs, track status reports, use software and keep everyone well-informed about the updates. To display the values and data of the project to the user, each person should be concerned about the issues and work accordingly. And it’s all about the management of people, as a team displays the full script of the project and how the outcome of the project should be.


This might help you avoid facing issues in your project.