Lens protectors for Tikee


Pair of rubber protections for the lenses of Tikee cameras
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Protection of the lenses against scratches, dust and shocks.

Microfiber bag for cleaning the lenses.

(Tikee camera and other accessories not included)




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Weight 0.1 kgs
Dimensions 11 x 16 x 4 cm

Protect Your Tikee Camera Lens with Lens Protectors for Tikee

Having a great camera lens is a plus to produce entertaining timelapse content. The lens of a time lapse camera is of utmost importance as this is where you capture the images for your time lapse videos. Remember that your lens is an important gear to make you a pro in time lapse photography. 

Camera lenses must be protected well at all costs. This is why Enlaps has offered protection accessories for a Tikee time lapse camera, one of which is the Lens Protectors for Tikee.


Product Specifications

Lens Protectors for Tikee is one of the best accessories you can purchase for the lenses of your Tikee time lapse camera. Without this lens protector, the Tikee lenses will always be exposed to the outside environment. This lens protector gear is then helpful to safeguard your time lapse camera lenses against damages such as scratches, dust, or breakage from an impact. Its material is a soft rubber for it to be delicate when covering the camera lenses. The lens weight is 0.1 kg and lens dimensions are 11 x 16 x 4 cm. The product item comes with a soft pouch as well for the lens protector itself. 


The Benefit of Getting the Lens Protectors for Tikee

To get a full experience of timelapse photography and make a pro time lapse video content, you must always ensure that your lens is properly working and is in its best condition. Another thing is that a time lapse video is usually more entertaining if it presents the motion or action of a subject in the environment. The motion of the traffic light, the action of people in a crowded place, or even natural events like sunset and sunrise are some stunning time lapse videos. 

The main point is, these are cases where you would need to mount your time-lapse camera outside. So what if you decided to stop shooting and turn your camera off for a while, then would you have to unmount the timelapse camera to keep it? This time, if you have a lens protector, then no. You do not have to unmount and mount your time-lapse camera every time because you can just cover the camera lenses with the lens protector if you wish to turn your camera off. This way, your mind will also be at ease as you are assured that your camera lens is protected from any damage and any weather conditions.

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Lens protectors for Tikee