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1 purchased license is required per camera connected to the myTikee account

It's not possible to have different myTikee offers on a single myTikee account. To have access to the Storytelling GDPR features, you need as many Storytelling licenses as there are Tikee cameras connected to your account.

Blurring is limited to 2000 photos/month/license (left, right or panoramic photos).



Logo myTikee PRO storytelling RGPD

A professional automated content creation platform for next-generation deliverables with the full power of Artificial Intelligence including GDPR blurring.


Behind each image: data
The largest datalake in the construction industry
icon metadata

110 M

Images with their metadata

Photos 6k 220°


Cameras sold worldwide

Always On

+ 8 M

New pictures every month

Auto-création en direct


Images of construction sites

Application web dédiée


AI Engineers


Enlaps has developed artificial intelligence algorithms on the myTikee timelapse creation platform. Among the available features are:


Detection of people and objects

Counting, identification of protective equipment, civil vehicles, construction vehicles.


Project analysis

Evaluation and visualization of the construction progress on areas where changes are permanent. Spatial distribution (heat maps)

Risk detection

Capture of habitual behavior. Measurement of safety distance, safety zone / exclusion zone



Date, Weather, Location, Image tag with AI filters


AI Dashboard and Reports

Compilation of data on a project and production of a report (periodicity according to needs...)


The images are the responsibility of their owner. Enlaps cannot be held responsible in case of error or omission of blurring.



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More Information
Description A professional automated content creation cloud platform for next-generation deliverables with the full power of Artificial Intelligence including GDPR blurring.
Portfolios Advanced sharing of multiple viewpoints in a portfolio for easy integration
Image transfer to FTP server Image transfer on FTP (option)
Map of viewpoint locations Navigation between points of view using a map
Viewpoint gallery Portfolio (AI filters, Viewsfeed, map)
AI filtering Filtering by IA of the photos: Nice weather, snow, good visibility, beautiful sky
News feed Viewsfeed: automatic content selection and generation
Blurring People blurring
Projects from left, right or panoramic images Points of view from left, right or panoramic images of the Tikee
Email notifications Email alerts
Camera Dashboard for managing your fleet of cameras and email alerts of anomalies
Custom watermark Custom video watermark
Hosted images Up to 100,000 images hosted per camera
Video rendering Max video resolution: 6K
Timelapse builder Advanced Timelapse Builder based on AI features and image stabilization
Enhanced Image Gallery Advanced viewing gallery: panoramic view, immersive, before/after image comparison, favorites
Sharing options Advanced shareable features
On-the-fly creation Timelapse video editing: on-the-fly creation, photo filtering, Pan&Zoom effect
subscription period 3, 6 ou 12 mois
Mask blurring Mask blurring
Stabilization Stabilization



The Advanced Time Lapse Software That Is GDPR-Compliant For Your Construction Projects


New technologies such as software systems can help to support your business to get compliant with GDPR guidelines without any major fuss. One of these clever technologies is the time-lapse software, so we have built myTikee Storytelling + GDPR for this purpose, from the myTikee : camera Time-lapse software range.

This innovative software allows you to take photos of your building process at a regular interval. The system also tracks the location and time of every photo taken in the software, making it easy to see how long things took to be built in different areas of your project. 

Data privacy and security are a big deal to many people. This is why the GDPR and the CNIL have set guidelines for companies and businesses to follow. 

myTikee Storytelling + GDPR stands out, with its compliance with GDPR and CNIL standards. 



This software is designed to have an advanced mask and people blurring to control the security of exposing people’s faces from images captured. 

. You can even share footage from the camera to Facebook with just one click! This will better showcase your construction project to many people.


myTikee Storytelling + GDPR

myTikee Storytelling + GDPR together with a Tikee camera helps you create a time-lapse video using Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

This software is easy to use, whether you are experienced or not. Its camera system is designed for both the professional photographer and the enthusiast. Furthermore, it allows newcomers to discover a time-lapse video with no risk of quality drops due to their mistakes. It is a high-end professional automated content creation platform where it features the most advanced technologies, enabling you to create next-generation deliverables at a higher level.

It is a smart, automated solution for businesses willing to create their content with quality content based on Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Blurring technology to respect GDPR and the individual's right to privacy, complying with outdoor security policies. Just mount its partner Tikee cameras, and you’re ready to go. Plus, placing its cameras outdoors is not a worry because the camera is safe for any weather changes thanks to its resistant housing.


Other Product Specifications

The myTikee Storytelling + GDPR  is an automated content creation platform based on Artificial Intelligence to produce next-generation deliverables. You can capture your fleet of cameras from its dashboard, create stories, and share them automatically online, including other web services. Advanced sharing of multiple viewpoints in a portfolio for easy integration. Navigation between points of view using a map. New features allow you to receive email alerts of anomalies and customize video watermarks with any logo.

Using Artificial Intelligence and, including Advanced Image Blurring, to produce specific regressive output in your designs. With this, you get access to multiple points of view, recombination, and specialized perspectives within a monitoring editable portfolio. This construction time-lapse transforms your designs into interactive content marketing assets with Pan and Zoom navigation and custom video watermark. 

The software system also offers an automated content creation platform for live events. Its state-of-the-art technology uses AI to deliver your audience a unique perspective and field view. Capturing images with the power of AI will allow you to tell your story more engagingly, with multiple points of view in one beautiful video through the powerful lens. Telling your history has never been easier, without forsaking your security.

Capture the development of your construction site project without compromising data security. myTikee Storytelling + GDPR has all the features you need for easy, professional, and secured creations. Again, myTikee Storytelling + GDPR, one of the best software for long-term and construction project use.

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myTikee Storytelling + GDPR