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Setting up your device to generate timelapse videos has never been easier. Make the most of intuitive pre-selected settings to capture what matters to you.

Create & edit

Create your timelapse videos in just a few clicks. Our myTikee timelapse software offers a simple and efficient interface that allows you to add effects such as Pan & Zoom. Generate powerful and captivating timelapse videos easily.

Share your timelapses

Watch your timelapse videos and those created by the community through a dedicated interface on the app or share them on your social media.

Timelapse software with features dedicated to professional use
Advanced sharing features

Create a private interface with an augmented image gallery.

4K / 6K resolution

Merge your 4K / 6K images for unparalleled video editing possibilities.

2 sensors. 3 formats. 32Mpx.

Depending on your needs, choose the right or left sensor, or panoramic format.

Timelapse builder

Generate professional timelapse videos in one click by taking advantage of our timelapse software with advanced image processing and algorithms for selecting the best photos.


Optimize the management of all of your Tikee timelapse cameras at a glance and check their locations.


Choose the best content suggestions to tell your story in one click and make the most of our powerful, AI-enhanced timelapse software myTikee.

Magic Fade

Download your before/after video instantly and witness the passing of the seasons in just a few seconds.

Timelapse builder

Creating the perfect timelapse becomes a breeze with the new version of the Timelapse Builder!
With this tool, generate the best possible video in just a few clicks.

The Timelapse Builder is only available with a myTikee Storytelling or Storytelling+GDPR subscription




Viewsfeed : Unique contents that make your story very special!


Enrich every day the story around your project with optimized contents, selected and automatically generated by our Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Let’s be surprised by even more stunning and impactful contents : the Viewsfeed selects and creates only the best of what has been captured by your Tikee or IP cameras, in a constantly renewed way.

Discover the Viewsfeed, only available in the myTikee Storytelling offer.


Find a professional quality timelapse video, automatically generated, retracing the last weeks, months or years of your project

Deep dive video

Take advantage of the immersive zoom to dive into the heart of your project

Magic fade

Benefit from a before/after transition to visualize the progress of your project

Magic lapse

Take advantage of an animated before and after transition to experience the evolution of your project

Instant pic

An incredible image from your point of view, selected for its aesthetic criteria

Time frame

Admire on the same panorama the 4 seasons or the last 12 months from your point of view

Time slide

Month after month, see the progress of your project

Time slice

As the seasons go by, relive the progress of your project

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myTikee: Your Go-To Time Lapse Software When Creating Great Time Lapse Videos

Time lapse is now a widely used photography technique because of the stunning images and videos it creates. It merges photos taken at regular intervals to be presented in a short video summing up all the changes that happened. This is why time lapse technique makes it perfect for capturing events that take time such as the sunrise, sunset, movement of clouds, blossoming of a flower, traffic movement, and anything else that has a steady motion. It is also best used if you want to capture the development of a construction site from beginning to end. Construction projects take months to years to finish, but a time lapse video can showcase its complete development in just a few minutes.


Do you have a huge time-lapse project in view, and you are wondering which cloud solution backup to choose? Look no further, myTikee is here to the rescue. myTikee is a cloud storage technology developed by the Enlaps company.


Editing a time lapse video takes time and effort. To create stunning video presentations, you must be equipped with photo and video editing skills and must know which settings to manipulate. This may make you anxious, especially if you are not a photographer, but you do not have to worry because we have developed time lapse solutions such as a dedicated Timelapse camera and a Timelapse editing software. This is specially built to provide quick help solutions to its users whether a beginner or a pro photographer. With a timelapse tool from Enlaps in hand, you can surely create the best time lapse content, plus the process will definitely be hassle-free.


About myTikee

myTikee is the time lapse software editor created by Enlaps. It is a complete tool built with features that users will need when editing videos and images for their projects. It will also provide you with pre-selected settings that can be applied to create a time lapse with just one click and in no time. Let us dig deeper into its features below:

myTikee is a software specially made for Timelapse creation, backup, editing, and sharing. This software was developed by the Enlaps company. A company that has worked over the years to change the face of photography. They offer services such as timelapse cameras, timelapse construction equipment, software, and advice to beginners. They also offer advisory services to professionals that wish to take their timelapse business to the next level. All the icons you need to operate this software are smartly arranged on the left-hand side of the screen. Just log in to the app and look to your left. myTikee is a timelapse software masterpiece by Enlaps. This software comes with a bunch of exciting features.


Highlights of myTikee’s Advances Features

The following are some of myTikee’s many advanced features :


Far-Reaching Sharing Options

myTikee allows you to create a personalized interface. This interface allows you to collect and save up camera images in the gallery. You can then share your gallery with friends on supported social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just click on the “share” icon and you will be redirected to a page where you can present your portfolio to prospective clients and friends easily.



User-friendly Interface

myTikee’s interface is designed to be an easy-to-use tool so that users can simply learn how to use the software editor even without the assistance of every step. The tabs, settings, and every tool built with it are basic but efficient. You will find it simple to navigate the twist and turns of using it.


Quick Time Lapse Solution

As mentioned earlier, editing time lapse videos takes time. But with myTikee software editor, you will now be able to edit your pictures, recording, and videos with just a few clicks and in a few minutes. Pre-custom settings are made available, which will enable automatic tailoring of your videos or images into time lapse mode. This way, the only thing you have to do is click on the settings, and the software will do the rest of the editing work for you. Afterward, you can just simply add effects and modify some of the settings to end up with the time lapse video you have in mind.


High Quality Image and Video Outputs

One of the best features that myTikee software offers is its advanced sharing program. It provides an interface on its App where you can get in touch with other users.. You are free to share your content with others, and you can also view other timelapse footage shared in the community. myTikee allows you to combine your 6k/4k images with easy video editing possibilities.


Super-Smart Sensors

myTikee has 2 sensors, 3 formats, and 32 Mpx. Feel free to choose from the left or right sensor. You can also switch to a Panoramic format, that combines images from both sensors, by clicking its icon.


myTikee: The Best Cloud Backup Solution For Timelapse


Timelapse Creation and Editing

This software provides you with exhaustive timelapse building algorithms. This smart system helps you create your time-lapse with just one click on an icon. It further assists you in picking the best of the photos you load in it. Don’t forget that this software allows you to spice up your work with filters, enhancement algorithms, and a Magic Fade option. The Magic Fade gives you the option of downloading a before and after video of your work progress. myTikee gives you a comfortable platform not only to create : this software opens your business to opportunities on social media platforms. Feel free to create an account for free now and share Timelapse masterpieces with friends and prospective clients on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. The icons and buttons on the software are user-friendly and easy to figure out. Each icon literally tells you what it does.


Monitor Timelapse Construction

MyTikee allows you to easily follow up on your time lapse project construction site. This software gives you a platform whereby you can sit in the comfort of your workstation and be up-to-date as to the progress of your project. Just sit tight and enjoy the view of your MyTikee timelapse camera as it works.



Magic Fade Feature

This Magic Fade feature is what makes myTikee better than other timelapse software tools out there. With just the before and after video footage of a scene at hand, myTikee can instantly transform it into a beautiful time-lapse video. It will show a stunning motion of the passing of time as if you recorded the full footage of the transition.


myTikee Subscription Plans

This timelapse software can be used for free. The free version allows you to access a web platform where you can share your time-lapse content. It will also allow you to download your video at full HD but it will be with a watermark. The maximum number of pictures you can use for Editing would be 10,000 photos. However, if you wish to enjoy more of its features, you must subscribe to one of its subscription plans. There are two paid versions available:

  1. myTikee Storytelling
  2. myTikee Storytelling RGPD


myTikee Free Plan

All you need to use this plan is to register and click the “subscribe” button. This opens you to a ready-to-use application, a full HD image resolution with a watermark, and up to 10,000 pictures in a video.


myTikee Storytelling

myTikee Storytelling and myTikee Storytelling GDPR have all the features of the ones mentioned above, and this time the maximum number of images that can be used for editing is at 100,000. In addition, it both has Stabilization, Portfolio, and Blurring features. This subscription gets you pro-AI-enhanced timelapse software. Up to 6k picture resolution and quality. Social media sharing options, Mask blurring, a timelapse portfolio, image stabilization options, up to 100,000 camera pictures, and a timelapse builder.


myTikee Storytelling GDPR

The only difference is that myTikee Storytelling GDPR have the people blurring option, which the non-GDPR version has not. It is priced at $199 and $229 respectively. As of the time of this review. This is the bigger plan, and it opens you to unbelievable timelapse video construction editing, and sharing options. You get up to 6k camera picture quality, up to 100,000 pictures, Stabilization, blurring options, and an online backup Portfolio.


Security Risks

Are you concerned that your personal information might get lost during registration or while you are making payments? You can relax your mind, MyTikee is super-secure and encrypted with state of the art security protocols and policies. Hence, your information is secured against hackers and third parties. In case you have inquiries about any of Enlaps services, feel free to contact their support services.

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