« This is a 4 month long project about my home town Aarhus in the central part of Denmark. I’ve used timelapse, hyperlapse and sound FX to get the viewer to experience the atmosphere in the midtown of Aarhus. » Jonas Hoholt


Jonas Hoholt

« Jonas is a videographer specializing in timelapse photography.

Being able to bend time in nearly any situation fascinates Jonas so much, that he’s made a business out of timelapse.

Since early 2013, Jonas has spent more than 2.000 hours learing the craftmanship. The amount of knowledge he’s gained from research, testing and shooting experience will make it hard to find someone with more overall timelapse skill than Jonas.

Based in Aarhus, Denmark, Jonas have created timelapse presentations for The Concert Hall Aarhus, Salling Aarhus and Silkeborg Kommune.

More recently, he’s produced timelapse for Aarhus City Association and Ceres Park Arena Aarhus. »

Website : http://www.hoholtphoto.com/