At the beginning of the year 2020, our distribution network has expanded. You can now find our professional timelapse cameras and accessories at our retailer The Timelapse Store in the UK. In order to start in the best conditions, we went to meet them in their office near the British capital.


Enlaps arrives in the UK

As a logical extension of its development, Enlaps is now available in the UK through its new partner The Timelapse Store.

Timelapse Store, the British Timelapse Specialist

Present on the timelapse market in the United Kingdom for 10 years now, it is the essential reference for all timelapse professionals in Her Majesty’s Kingdom.

Its years of experience have let it to build up an impressive network of customers using the timelapse in various situations: site monitoring, road traffic, video for tourism and events…


Enlaps X Timelapse Store – the meeting

At the beginning of the new year, in order to understand the British market and how Timelapse Store works, we decided to visit our new partner located about an hour west of London. We got to know Lee, manager, and Julian, sales manager.

Thanks to its ease of use, we were able to make 3 timelapses with the TikeePRO2+ in one morning in the vicinity of Windsor and Queen Elizabeth II Castle.

It was first of all obvious to start our different timelapses with the Queen’s Castle timelapse. We set up our TikeePRO2+ in the street in front of the Queen’s statue with Windsor Castle as a backdrop.

TimelapseStorexEnlaps (2)

We then went to meet the swans on the banks of the Thames. There, we installed the TikeePRO2+ at the water’s edge, right next to a group of swans. We were also able to make a timelapse with one of Windsor’s emblematic bridges in the background, which connects the old town to the castle.

TimelapseStorexEnlaps (1)


We finally ended our tour with a timelapse on Windsor Heights on our way to the Royal Air Force Memorial. This last timelapse, carried out in windy conditions, gave us a nice view of the region with Windsor on one side and the city of London in the background.

TimelapseStorexEnlaps (4)

Here are the parameters of the TikeePRO2+ used for the 3 timelapses:

  • Mode: Event
  • Interval: 5s
  • Duration: 20 min
  • Number of photos : 240

We also met with several professional timelapsers and introduced them to our Tikee solution which seemed to meet all their expectations. Impressed by the quality of the images taken and very pragmatic, the time saving obtained by the automatic merging of images, the automatic generation of the timelapse and the presence of sharing links are the elements that have the most interest for these audiovisual professionals.


Meeting with the swans on the banks of the Thames



View on Windsor Castle



Information not to be overlooked: contrary to what is used to say, and as you can see from the pictures, the weather was wonderful during the stay. The bad English weather is just a legend