Why make timelapse construction site monitoring?

Time lapse is probably one of the best ways to showcase different kinds of projects nowadays. This photography technique will create a video that is composed of a sequence of images. Another way is to set the speed of an originally long footage recording at a fast rate, so the duration will then last for only a few minutes.

Creating a time lapse video is especially useful for construction site projects because it has the ability to capture the evolution of the construction site from the very start to finish. Even though the development of construction projects takes several months to complete, you can still view the whole progress in just a few minutes clip with a time lapse video.


Benefits of Using Time Lapse in a Construction Project

A construction project needs extensive monitoring to ensure that its progress goes according to the plan. If it is just a housing construction, the monitoring would be easy but when we are already talking about constructing big buildings, then it would definitely require a lot more work. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology nowadays, various types of equipment come in handy to help you with the monitoring work. One of which is time lapse cameras.

Time lapse cameras create a video of time lapse from still images. There are time lapse cameras specifically built for construction site monitoring purposes, and these are usually called stand-alone timelapse cameras. From the name itself, it can work alone. These cameras are usually installed around the construction site and work not just for the recording of images or photos of the site to be able to create a time lapse video.


24/7 Remote working to construction with a Time lapse cam


With its panoramic view, your footage will have a large area view of the site so you can get to check the happenings. This type of camera usually comes with a software system allowing you to access its recording via your mobile phone. This way, you can check the construction site remotely wherever you are. Plus, its batteries are built to work for months and if it is solar-powered, then much better to assure you that your camera will work continuously.

Image and Video Recording of the Entire Progress

Being able to capture media of the development of the construction from the very start to finish is the best evidence you can have that your project is a success. Having an image of the start and end product is already a great way to present the completion, but making a time-lapse video of it will bring it to a whole different level. Having a time lapse video will not just show the start and finish product, but it is going to showcase the whole process. The prolonged months it took to finish, will be encapsulated in a few-minute clip, and this will surely give fulfillment to the whole team. Eventually, you can also use the video for marketing purposes.

Construction Time Lapse Camera to Consider

With high quality construction time lapse camera like Tikee by Enlaps you would be able to create great quality time lapse photos and videos. Some important features included are high image resolution quality, HDR imaging, large memory card mount capacity, solar panel or prolonged battery power, weatherproof, Wi-Fi or 4g connected, and panoramic lens. It is well-known because of its long battery life and its small size, but also for its built-in dual lens that enables a wider range of panoramic view. You only need to choose the one that will better help you when it comes to recording your project.

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The Tikee solution combines an autonomous, connected timelapse camera with a cloud-based tracking platform. Versatile, it can be used for a variety of applications:

Image documentation

Capture the entire process, from site preparation to construction, and provide time-based, visual documentation of the project.

Communication and Marketing

Condense the project's progress in a powerful way, making it easier for partners and stakeholders to understand.

Analysis, safety, management

Remotely review safety practices on site, identify potential problems, and optimize project management.



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“All the multimedia content generated throughout the construction process was very useful for communicating the know-how of the work teams.”



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