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Time Lapse Sales to Touristic and Travel Sites can Offer Increased Income. 

Selling your timelapse to touristic and travel sites can be profitable as they may offer opportunities around the world. The market covers a vast array of worldwide events. As travel begins to ramp back up after the pandemic, the market should flourish. Targeting tourist sites and the opportunity to sell time lapse to a communication manager, who can deliver your time lapse content, will get you well-positioned for sales. Make sure to look for a communication manager for each travel company so engagement can happen easily.

Selling time lapse travel videos to this re-emerging market can offer good income. What begins as a project in one city can expand to places around the world simply through word of mouth and solid promotion. Aside from good money, you may get the opportunity to tour. Australia, Canada, England, Japan and the United States are just some of the places that could offer travel video and travel photography opportunities.


Why sell time lapse to touristic and travel sites?


Timelapse videos are a good way to create content and promote travel sites and tourist venues. You can capture some of the best pictures and film footage to set your art apart from the regular tourist shots many sites already have. While you may be used to using a regular camera to get your footage, GoPro, smartphones and digital cameras can take unique time-lapse videos as well and enhance your chance to gain customers.

Video timelapse capturing tourist content takes some planning before you head out to shoot. You do not want to just capture the regular night or day scenes that can play out anywhere in the world. You want them to define the tourist area you are shooting in and what makes it a great place to visit. Watch what is around you, so you can create unique motion pictures. Use techniques that will highlight the tourist side of the area. A view of a night marketplace, a hyperlapse of an amusement park, or pictures linked to a day at the local beach can all bring a trip to a tourist site to life for those looking online.



Sites that are looking to engage with those who are hoping to start travelling will want great pictures to draw them in and entice them to visit various venues. Your unique work should be shareable across all media. A user of travel websites, social media, apps should be able to easily see your videos and want to go to the place you are highlighting. You want to make a timelapse that gets them excited about going to that particular place. While you are selling your travel content, that content is selling tourism for your clients. 

Pictures say a thousand words, a timelapse says even more.  A seconds or minutes long group of picture frames can take a viewer around the world quickly. Share your work with tourist sites that want to show places many have never been. While it's free to look at the possibilities of a trek to a new place, the hope will be that your work can engage with those who want to hit the road and make the dream trip a reality. Your pictures will entice site users to make that dream happen. That means increased income for you and your tourist driven client.


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What makes Tikee the best timelapse solution for tourism?
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Timelapse and tourism

As a communications manager in charge of a touristic website, a professional timelapse camera provides you with powerful media that helps magnify a landscape, location, or heritage site. Timelapse videos make you want to travel, explore and dream… A 4K timelapse camera goes further than a simple webcam: it captures unique moments that would be impossible to render in a single photo or short video. Watch the passing of the seasons in just a few seconds. An immersive timelapse video lets you travel without moving your feet!

A 4K timelapse camera with professional features
myTikee tourism
4K / 6K resolution

Your Tikee 4K / 6K timelapse camera generates immersive and panoramic photos that make you feel like you were there.

Timelapse builder

Generate professional timelapse videos in one click by taking advantage of our timelapse software with advanced image processing and algorithms for selecting the best photos.

Advanced sharing features

Share breathtaking photos and videos with your audience.

myTikee PRO Storytelling

Choose the best content suggestions to tell your story in one click and make the most of our powerful, AI-enhanced timelapse app myTikee..

Magic Fade

Download your before/after video instantly and witness the passing of the seasons in just a few seconds.


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