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Timelapse camera pack: All in one to be ready on your project


To achieve a high level of quality and protect all the processes involved during the execution of the construction, it’s necessary to monitor from the beginning until its ultimate completion. It is essential to monitor from day to day and night if any construction needs this. 


 When it comes to creating a big project such as a building, the process is extremely complicated, and it requires patience and, enough budget. So if you don’t want to miss any of the steps that will take your project from the beginning until the end—you will need to use a Tikee timelapse camera pack for your next big project. 


Tikee offers an extensive range of timelapse camera packs to choose from, namely the Tikee 3 pack, Tikee 3 advanced pack, Tikee 3 PRO pack, and Tikee 3 PRO construction pack. Each of these differs in its features and price. The Tikee timelapse camera pack is simply the best and the most affordable time-lapse camera pack that you can buy.   


With Tikee you can choose from different configurations to make your timelapse camera perfectly fit your needs. You can start your project with the basic timelapse camera pack, which is pack's Tikee 3, or you can go with pack's Tikee 3 PRO construction pack that is designed for setting up your advanced-level project.


Setting up the time-lapse camera pack

First, you want to pick a nice spot for your shoot. This timelapse backpack with a timelapse controller allows you to have all the tools right at your fingertips. 


When you work on your project there is no need for grasping around in your backpack trying to find what you needed with this time-lapse pack everything you will get at your fingertips. 


Cleaning, testing, and replacing the battery every time is not fun, but this time-lapse camera pack allows you to get more shots in with little to no hassle. For anyone who is thinking about setting up a time-lapse system, we highly recommend enough buying a timelapse camera pack of Tikee. 


Tikee timelapse camera pack


When it comes to time-lapse equipment, there is no better option available than Tikee. Tikee has an exclusive time-lapse backpack named Packs Tikee 3 and Packs Tikee 3 PRO that includes two types of time-lapse camera accessories packs as per your requirement. 

Here is what Packs Tikee 3 offers you:- 


Tikee 3 essential pack 


Tikee 3 pack makes it quick and easy to make a timelapse video. The package contains a timelapse camera Tikee 3, stainless-steel arm, mounting set, industrial microSD 128 GB, stainless reinforcement, and Masterlock Python cable lock. With the tikee 3 essential pack, your timelapse is ready to acquire the first stills immediately thanks to the fixed interval shooting its mode of the tikee 3.


Tikee 3 Pack

The pack Tikee 3 includes everything you need to begin creating professional timelapse videos, including a Tikee 3 timelapse camera, a soft case for it, a stainless-steel arm, a mounting set to mount it onto objects, a stainless reinforcement, Master lock Python cable lock security, and a subscription (3, 6 or 12 months) to the myTikee PRO editing software to make your videos easy.


Here is what Packs Tikee 3 PRO  offers you:- 


Tikee 3 PRO+ with External Solar Panel


The Tikee 3 PRO+ with External Solar Panel offers the ultimate set for setting up timelapse projects. The professional Tikee 3 PRO pack includes the Tikee 3 PRO timelapse camera with a soft case, a stainless-steel arm, a mounting set, an industrial microSD 256 GB, a stainless reinforcement, and a master lock Python cable lock. 


Pack construction Tikee 3 PRO+

The Pack construction Tikee 3 PRO+ includes everything you need to get your project shooting from beginning to end. It includes a Tikee 3 PRO camera as well as a stainless-steel arm, mounting set, 256 GB microSD card, stainless reinforcement, and  Master lock Python cable lock. The set also includes a 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription to myTikee PRO storytelling software to give you access to all the Tikee video, photo, and audio tools that will help you plan, create and share your time-lapse masterpiece.


The packs Tikee 3 and packs Tikee 3 PRO are designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The timelapse camera packs contain all the essential equipment you need and other accessories which make your shooting easier and faster. Let’s check out them in detail:- 

Timelapse camera Tikee 3

The Timelapse camera pack includes the Tikee 3 camera - your best ally for your time-lapse projects! The Tikee 3 time-lapse camera allows you to create professional time-lapse videos without difficult setups. It also makes it easy to capture stunning wide-angle shots that allow you to focus on the main subject of your image, thus creating beautiful time-lapse video or photo sequences.


Make your cinematic projects come to life with the Tikee 3 time-lapse camera. Delivering up to, this camera produces professional-quality video and images, so you can capture every element of your scene. 


Timelapse camera Tikee 3 PRO


The Timelapse camera pack helps you get your project ready from the beginning. It contains the Tikee 3 PRO that is ready to help you start on your timelapse projects right at the beginning of your journey. Whether you're a professional photographer or a beginner with a passion for timelapse photography. The Tikee 3 PRO camera pack is a great choice. 


There are dozens of timelapse cameras on the market, but none is like Tikee 3 PRO! It's the only one making automated timelapse movies with 6K video and photo. With its high-resolution lens, it records sunrise to sunset in hours only. Whether you want to make short quick videos or full minutes of 6K quality timelapse, get started with Tikee 3 PRO.


Tikee 3 PRO+ timelapse camera with external solar panel

Like its little sister, the Tikee 3 PRO+ timelapse camera with external solar panel offers most of the same features. With more solar autonomy and a wider angle of view.


Soft case

 The Tikee 3 PRO packs include a high-quality soft case. The camera case helps you to take care of the equipment and protect it from scratches and other damage. This bag is an essential way to protect your camera, especially from the earliest stages of a project, it’s essential to keep your camera protected from bumps and knocks.


Pack your time-lapse camera in the Tikee soft case and take some amazing shots over a vacation or a significant period.


Stainless-steel arm

It comes complete with a stainless-steel arm, ball head, and flat base for either propping on a surface. The camera pack comes complete with accessories to make attaching your time-lapse camera easy.


This durable, lightweight mount helps you capture smooth time-lapse videos from steady images. It includes an adjustable ball head for simple one-handed camera positioning.


Mounting set

The Tikee mounting set allows you to mount your camera anywhere you want it. With the Timelapse camera Pack, Tikee offers you everything you need to mount your camera and start capturing your project. The package includes a set of different fastening brackets in order to facilitate the installation of your Tikee camera on any type of object.

The Timelapse camera pack is the solution to effective time-lapse photography. Mount your Tikee Compact on a tripod, on a pole, or on a tree and let it work for hours or days.

Stainless reinforcement

The Tikee Stainless-Steel Reinforcement set is designed for the Tikee timelapse camera. It can be used to fix your camera on its dedicated stainless-steel arm. The reinforcement is made of stainless steel and features 4 holes for standard 1/4" screw mount Master lock Python cable lock.

The Master Lock Python Cable is an anti-theft cable with a patented adjustable locking mechanism that keeps the cable tight regardless of length, lockable carabiner, and ball & socket tripod mount. The time-lapse camera clip can be used to hold any item in place while capturing time-lapse video.


myTikee PRO Editing subscription (3, 6, or 12 months)

Building a home or outdoors project by yourself is hard, that's why myTikee provides an easy-to-use, powerful, and flexible editing tool to get you started on your next timelapse projects with amazing visual effects. myTikee allows you to monitor and remotely control your timelapse cameras and view the live stream in always HD quality.  


The package includes monitoring all of your cameras in real-time options and a platform for managing, editing, and publishing your timelapse and hyperlapse videos. 


Get a project worthy time-lapse camera pack

Tikee offers a complete package of the key elements of a successful time-lapse project at an affordable price. Tikee camera packs will make sure your next photo or video project is ready for anywhere and anytime you choose to execute your idea.


Tikee Timelapse camera packs are designed to be the perfect packs for someone who wants everything they need when doing time-lapses, handheld videos, or similar work. 


Tikee offers you two variants of timelapse camera packs named packs Tikee 3 and packs Tikee 3 PRO both are tailored to meet your timelapse project requirement. If you’re just getting started in photography and videography and need something affordable, then Tikee timelapse camera pack is for you.