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1 purchased license is required per camera connected to the myTikee account

It's not possible to have different myTikee offers on a single myTikee account. To have access to the Editing features, you need as many Editing licenses as there are Tikee cameras connected to your account.



A 4K and 6K immersive content editing platform with impressive visual effects. Benefit from advanced monitoring options for your timelapse camera fleet.

myTikee Editing Features
Advanced content sharing

Choose between many video and photo sharing options via private links and fully customizable iframes.

6K photo resolution

Merge your 4K / 6K images for unparalleled video and photo editing possibilities.

2 sensors. 3 formats. 32Mpx.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right or left sensor, or panoramic format.

Timelapse builder

Generate professional timelapse videos in one click using our exceptional photo-editing software. It features advanced image processing, as well as algorithms for selecting the best images.


Optimize the management of all of your Tikee timelapse cameras at a glance and control them instantly thanks to the Always On mode*.
*only on Tikee 3 PRO with option enabled



More Information
Description A 4K and 6K immersive content editing cloud platform with impressive visual effects.
Image transfer to FTP server Image transfer on FTP (option)
Projects from left, right or panoramic images Points of view from left, right or panoramic images of the Tikee
Email notifications Email alerts
Camera Dashboard for managing your fleet of cameras and email alerts of anomalies
Custom watermark Custom video watermark
Hosted images Up to 50,000 images hosted per camera
High Bitrate download Download in high quality
Video rendering Max video resolution: 6K
Timelapse builder Basic Timelapse Builder
Enhanced Image Gallery Advanced viewing gallery: panoramic view, immersive, before/after image comparison, favorites
Sharing options Advanced shareable features
On-the-fly creation Timelapse video editing: on-the-fly creation, photo filtering, Pan&Zoom effect
subscription period 12 mois

To go further, discover myTikee PRO Storytelling

Generate beautiful timelapses automatically, choose the best suggestions for your content, and share your videos and photos live with your community. Tell your story in one click with the power of myTikee's Artificial Intelligence.

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myTikee Editing Software is the time-lapse content editing software you need to manage all of your Tikee cameras, troubleshoot issues, and create high-quality 4K and 6K immersive content.


The photo editing Time-lapse Software

myTikee is the only complete, stand-alone, hardware integrated, 4K (Ultra HD) and 6K Time lapse Video Editing platform for your Tikee time-lapse camera fleet. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer or travel guru, myTikee will always help you create stunning 4K and 6K editing videos, and will surely save you time and money.

The primary service of myTikee is delivering time lapse automation. This program will enable Tikee users to create professional time-lapse sequences of their images, and alter them with a variety of quick and easy editing tools. This is why it is best to engage your multimedia creativity with myTikee software. 

myTikee software is a simple and powerful tool for creating high quality timelapse videos from the images of your Tikee camera. With an intuitive interface, it guides you through the process of capturing, processing, publishing your timelapse videos, and makes the work free from any complicated hassle.

Capture, create, share, and download time lapse photos and videos within the platform with ease. Save time image processing, and preview rendering. The video editing platform lets you customize your content with free visual effects such as pan and zoom, transitions, and filters to match your style.


myTikee Editing Specific Features

myTikee Editing enables video and photo sharing in a simple way. It's specially designed to allow you to host your content on the cloud platform. It enables you to quickly create beautiful time lapse movies by using your photos directly from your Gallery. 


Efficient Sharing Options

myTikee Editing has many video and photo sharing capabilities, with exclusive features. Our users are able to customize these features to fit their specific needs. One of the most requested options is private links, which are embedded within the page itself, giving users the ability to not only embed these links on their own pages but also choose how long they will appear. These exclusive features give our users total control over how they interact with their audience.

Design your own time lapse content and share your creation with other app users with the click of a button. Create videos or static images and choose to opt for a private link or an iframe. myTikee platform lets you keep customers interested and engaged with one of the most dynamic content creations ever seen.


Up To 4K to 6K Photo Resolution

myTikee Editing software is a unique cloud platform designed to merge photographs to create amazing timelapse videos and graphic animations. It automatically detects the overlapping areas and calculates the displacement (movements, rotations, and zooms) required to generate an immersive 220 panoramas. Unleash your creativity with myTikee. 


Automated Timelapse Builder

This photo editing timelapse software is also a software toolkit designed exclusively for image processing of timelapse photography. It features incredible image processing capabilities, algorithms for selecting the best images, and a variety of stunning effects you can add to your images. 


Advanced Monitoring

Run your timelapse photography project from a single interface. myTikee lets you monitor cameras, adjust parameter settings, and remotely trigger cameras directly on the dashboard.   Free from hassle, you can now focus on making beautiful pictures and videos with myTikee software. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, the application will allow you to take control of all your Tikee cameras at a glance and make immediate settings changes from anywhere in the world.


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myTikee Editing
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