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Colored adhesives for Tikee


Colored adhesives for Tikee.

Different types of colors possible: Forest/ Light rock / Green leaf/ Dark rock.

Cleaning wipes provided.



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Dimensions 30,5 x 22 x 2,5 cm

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Notice stickers Tikee (pdf 320.9 kB)
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Custom Design and Cover Up Your Tikee Time Lapse Camera with Tikee Stickers

If you are using a Tikee time lapse camera to capture images for your time lapse video, then you better check out the time lapse accessories they offer via Enlaps. These accessories are made especially for Tikee camera users for customization and protection purposes

Soft case, hard box case, lens protector, and cable lock are offered for additional protection while the mounting set, stainless-steel arm, and steel reinforcement facilitate installation of your Tikee camera to ensure a stabilized recording process. This is much needed when you have to install your camera on a construction site, especially if exposed to stormy or windy weather conditions. Lastly, aside from the must-haves accessories above, you can also choose to add color and fun to your Tikee time-lapse camera housing case with its custom stickers (Stickers Tikee) offered in four different colors!


‘Stickers Tikee’ Specifications

Enlaps was creative enough to create custom stickers that will perfectly fit your Tikee time lapse camera. The frame dimensions of the stickers are 30.5 x 22 x 2.5 cm which was based on the dimensions of the Tikee time lapse camera housing case. Placing the stickers will also be simple and easy as it is designed to be custom adhesive according to the housing parts of the Tikee camera. 

Stickers Tikee comes in different theme colors. You can select between Forest, Light Rock, Green Leaf, or Dark Rock. The name of the design will already tell you how it looks based on images of the mentioned themes. The Forest theme portrays an image composed of orange leaves and thin branches and somehow depicts an autumn weather vibe. The Green Leaf is best described as is which is simply an image of piled light and green leaves. The Light Rock gives a view of a beige marble-like image, while the Dark Rock exhibits a charcoal-like color.

Select the best one that captures your eyes, fits your project, or the design you want other people to see when they get a view of your Tikee time lapse camera. 


Product Price and Box Inclusions

Product box inclusions are the set of housing case stickers, specifically ten (10) pieces of adhesive stickers allocated to each part of the Tikee time lapse camera; a leaflet manual for application guidance, and two free Isopropyl alcohol wets to clean the camera case beforehand.


How to Apply the Sticker on Tikee Camera

View the leaflet manual on the box and follow the instructions indicated. It will show you which stickers to place on different housing parts of the time lapse camera. The leaflet is easy to understand because you will only have to pair the number of the sticker to the number of the housing part of the time lapse camera as indicated. Also, do not forget to clean each surface of the housing case with the free cleaning wipes provided before applying the adhesives.


Camouflage Your Tikee Camera

Stickers Tikee is an easy method to hide your Tikee cameras in the outdoor setting, especially in the wild. The wildlife theme of the stickers which are Forest, Light Rock, Green Leaf, or Dark Rock will definitely make your camera camouflage within the leaves and rocks. This way, you can hide your camera well, disguise it as one of the leaves or rocks, and make it work as a hidden spy recording photos within the zone. Stickers Tikee is a must-have gear if you wish to explore wildlife time lapse photography.

What are you waiting for? Do not just create great time lapse images and videos with your Tikee camera, but custom design the time lapse camera itself!


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