The time lapse experience to keep a close eye on and to capture what matters in unique locations

Why using timelapse for research and science ?

Timelapse is used in research and science for more than two centuries now. It permits especially to collect information and data thanks to photographies and then comparisions. But timelapse has also new uses for reseach and science: its application to educational and social scientific research methods. Timelapse is a time keeper but also an educative and social tool for those for whom change matters.

You can see how the glacier evolves, how it reacts all year, every season, every month, every day. The camera is your eyes. There are areas where you can’t go because they are too dangerous and then the camera becomes indispensable.

Luc Moreau, glaciologist

Tikee camera at fieldwork

Why Tikee is made for research and science ?

The time lapse solution to easily monitor and care what matters whatever extreme conditions in unique locations.

Connected & self-sufficient

Install it in unique locations for long-term monitoring

6K 220° images

Capture everything in high quality with panoramical view


Created for outdoors hard conditions to last forever

Remote live monitoring

Monitor, watch & download photos & mp4 videos of moments that matter

On-the-fly timelapse creation

Share & transmit auto-created timelapses videos

Remote & plug&play

Easily install your compact camera even in uncommon sites & manage it remotely

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