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Protective hard case for Tikee timelapse camera



Protective hard case for Tikee timelapse camera with location for the stainless steel arm


  • Anti shock thanks to very thick walls
  • Waterproof seal in the lid protects from dust and water
  • IP67 certified
  • Automatic pressure valve that protects the contents in case of pressure difference
  • Double set of closures easy to handle
  • Holes left and right for padlocks (not provided)

(Tikee timelapse camera and stainless steel arm not included)


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More Information
Weight 1.7 kgs
Dimensions 33.6 × 14.8 × 30 cm Interior dimensions Width: 300mm Depth: 132mm Height: 225mm
Materials Body and handles: Polypropylene (PP)
Closures: Nylon
Gasket: Polymer
Interior foams: PER 27kg and CP30
Color Black


Hard equipment case for time lapse cameras


Are you primed to have fun traveling the world while capturing every second? We know how much you love to take photos, and we know that it can be a real hassle having to carry all your gear with you.  Now you can capture every memory with fewer worries of your equipment getting damaged. In this case, heavy equipment for a time lapse camera by Enlaps makes it super easy to get on the road and experience more of the world.

Protect your camera accessories with the help of  Enlaps case heavy equipment for the Tikee time lapse camera, which can provide you with a high level of protection. Don’t let the chance to capture a once-in-a-lifetime experience pass you by just because you’re worried about your gear getting damaged, covered in dust, or worse. Properly packing up your camera equipment and accessories can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Case heavy equipment for time lapse camera by Enlaps makes your work easier to carry it friendly and keep your camera safe. 


Protect your camera from drops and bumps

Enlaps protective hard case for time lapse camera is the ideal complement to the camera and his lens. It will protect your camera accessories from scratches and possible damages while offering a level of flexibility that makes them easy to use.

Would you like your camera to last longer? If you are looking for a reliable, durable hard case for your valuable equipment, let us introduce Enlaps case heavy equipment for time lapse cameras. The hard case for your Tikee camera can keep your gear safe, secure, and ready to take on the next adventure. The hard case includes a space for the stainless steel camera arm, so there is no need to worry about its whereabouts.


Build a water-resistant hard shell case for your gear

In today’s world, where technology is growing, there are a lot of devices that require a hard casing, especially for cameras, as nowadays timelapse photography is in the boom. The Enlaps Waterproof case will protect your camera from water and dust, protecting your equipment from the elements when the conditions are less than ideal.

The Enlaps waterproof case heavy equipment for a time lapse camera will keep your device in pristine condition, allowing you to take photos in any weather. It means you no longer have to worry about the weather when shooting videos. No matter the conditions, your device will be well protected.


Go the distance and protect all of your equipment

Have you ever been in a situation where your camera has not been working when recording something important? You should look for lightweight and reliable complex cases for traveling and other activities using a time lapse device. It should be able to withstand rough handling as well as pressure changes during air travel.

Enlaps made it convenient for you; the heavy case equipment for the time lapse camera can protect the contents from various damage during transportation. The hard equipment case by Enlaps has a double set of closures that makes it easy to handle. Also, it is IP67 certified, which means your camera is protective from solid objects like dust and sand. 


Make your camera last with proper care

The perfect solution for storing your Tikee camera, the hard case by Enlaps, is an innovative and elegant storage solution. Its subtle design ensures the safety of your camera while making it easy to transport it from a place to your location. This handy case will ensure your camera stays safe when on the go, so you never have to worry about your Tikee again.

The purpose of the hard case by Enlaps is to prolong the life and improve the performance of your Tikee camera. Inside, it provides a soft material that protects its circuitry while at the same time allowing free air circulation. Hence, we highly recommend you get a case of heavy equipment for your Tikee timelapse camera. And it’s lightweight enough to take anywhere.


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