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4 tips to make a perfect time lapse

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To make a perfect timelapse, you have to choose between several parameters such as the duration of the timelapse, the place to capture, the choice of the subject, the beginning of the timelapse but also the shooting distance. To adjust the various parameters at best, there are tips that we unveil today. They are obviously valid for the time lapse camera Tikee with dual objectives but can also be applied when using other time lapse cameras. Read More

Top 5 of most beautiful sky time lapses

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The timelapse is an incredible tool to follow the evolution of the sky. From the space, on the top of a volcano, in the heart of a storm, from the American desert, or seen from the eye of one of the best astronomy photographers, we guarantee you that you will have the head in the stars for a few minutes …

Discover our top 5 of the most beautiful time lapses of the sky … Ready? Let’s go for the escape!

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Top 5 commercial timelapses

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The timelapse is perfectly adapted to commercial video. It allows to bring a maximum of information in a short time; in any case, in less time than requires a traditional video. It also reveals what we can not always see with the naked eye, especially an event that takes place over the long term. Many sectors use timelapse videos for their commercial: sports, cars, tourism, and furniture. We have selected for you 5 commercial videos that use the timelapse technique.

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How to choose your shooting interval for a timelapse?

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The realization of a timelapse requires choosing several parameters such as the duration of the final timelapse video, where to position the camera, but also and especially the interval between each shot. This interval is different depending on the choice of the timelapse, short-term or long-term, and depending on the timelapse subject. For example, the shooting interval for a sunset timelapse will be much shorter than for a construction site timelapse. Here are all the hints and tips for choosing your shooting interval.

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How does the video timelapse invite travelers to choose their next destination?

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It is estimated that by 2020, 80% of internet traffic will be videos. The video is now everywhere! True marketing asset, it allows to tell in image what it would not have been possible to write. The video timelapse allows you to reveal what you can not see with the naked eye and compile in just a few seconds the most important. It makes you dream, travel and encourages the viewer to embark on the journey.

A real revolution in the field of travel and tourism …


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Top 5 timelapses of constructions of giants on Earth

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There are many construction sites that require several months of construction, or even several years. Among these, the construction of trains, tunnels, bridges or aircraft are incredibly technical and meticulous, although we rarely have the opportunity to realize it. The timelapse allows us to reveal these moments. Here are 5 timelapses of extraordinary constructions to discover.

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Top 5 timelapse videos to explore the beautiful landscapes of Northern Europe

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Many of us had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful places in Europe. We discover them through our walks, our photographs or our videos. The timelapse video let you discover these same countries through a new eye with imperceptible events at the precise moment but incredibly beautiful when gathered and accelerated. Let’s go for a tour of Europe of the most beautiful timelapse videos …

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