David Pérez - Enlaps Ambassador



"Having the right tool and specially designed for this type of capture can speed up a lot the process and take away headaches."

- D. Pérez


David Pérez is a Spanish timelapse and hyperlapse photographer based in Barcelona.

He’s been working in the audiovisual world for more than 15 years and creating Timelapse in indoor spaces for events, congress...
He also is a specialist in landscape, chasing storms, astro… His work has been recognized and awarded in several International film festivals.



In this video, he shows how to set up his Tikee and the results he obtained with his camera.


“This timelapse camera is specially designed for the capture of timelapse of monitoring works to show places, assemblies of events, etc.”


As an Enlaps Ambassador, David is hosting webinars on the Tikee Solution.

If you wish to attend, please choose a timeslot in the following calendar :

David's Masterclasses will be held in Spanish