Tikee and the Mont-Blanc massif


Even better than a webcam, the Tikee camera is 100% connected and autonomous, and its resistance to very low temperatures means it can capture the most beautiful landscapes all year round. Take advantage of its 220° angle of view to admire magnificent panoramas across the Mont-Blanc massif.


Discover the five viewpoints of the massif now, thanks to Ludovic Erard, mountain guide, and Luc Moreau, glaciologist and doctor in Alpine Geography, who selected the camera locations, installed and supervised them.


Click on a viewpoint below, then navigate between the different photos using the timeline, or toggle between the Panoramic/Before-After/Immersive/Video tabs.



The refuge is located on the historic route taken by Balmat and Paccard in 1786, for the first ascent of Mont-Blanc.
The Tikee was installed in 2019 by glaciologist Luc Moreau on a rocky outcrop.



View of the Bionnassay glacier, the Goûter couloir and the Goûter refuge.



The refuge du Goûter is located in the Mont-Blanc massif, at an altitude of 3,835 meters, on the Aiguille du Goûter, making it one of the highest guarded refuges. It takes around 5 hours to reach the summit of Mont-Blanc. The Tikee is installed on the refuge's annex and offers a superb view of the Aiguille de Bionnassay.



Magnificent view of the Dômes de Miage. The Chalets de Miage can be seen 1600m below. Installation of the Tikee on the former Durier refuge.



The Vallot observatory and refuge are located on the Mont Blanc normal route, at the foot of the Bosses ridge in the Alps, at an altitude of 4,362 meters. The Tikee, installed in 2019, captures a unique panorama of Mont Blanc and the Aiguille du Midi.





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