Tikee Solution tests and reviews


Mattia Bicchi

Mattia Bicchi talks about his two year experience with a previous Tikee model, and then unboxes and sets up his new Tikee 3 PRO+.

“I remember my first long-term timelapse job back in 2014, everything was so complicated and expensive. (...)
[With Tikee] things have definitely changed!”




Matthew Vandeputte

Timelapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte unboxes and sets up a Tikee 3 PRO+ to show the features of the camera and the myTikee cloud platform.

“It's a really interesting platform that uses AI to generate the sequences, and I am honestly quite impressed with how many features you get”




Filippo Rivetti

Filippo Rivetti reviews the Tikee 3 PRO+ camera with its external solar panel, and goes over the Tikee Remote mobile app that has a new design.

“I find the Enlaps system a very easy to use all-in-one solution”





Tikee 3 PRO review by AdoramaTV, and presentation of myTikee and Tikee Remote apps.

“With the Tikee 3 PRO, Enlaps has really taken the guesswork out of timelapse photography”




The Photography Show

The Photography Show introduces the Tikee 3 camera range, with an overview of its features and set up process.

“The real benefit of them [the cameras] : they are truly remote access. You visit site once to install, visit site again to retrieve, and the camera is free running.”




Filippo Rivetti

Professional timelapse photographer Filippo Rivetti reviews the Tikee PRO2+, goes over the main features and shows how to work myTikee and Tikee Remote apps.

“What do I like about the camera? Definitely its compact design, it’s an all-in-one solution, very easy to use, with a very straightforward workflow.”




Emeric's Timelapse

Go on a week-long shoot with Emeric's Timelapse and his Tikee PRO2+, and find out what he thinks about the Tikee solution.

“I think this camera really opens a whole new world for timelapse photographers. Now shooting long term timelapses is just so easy, seriously”


Joseph Di Giovanna, professional filmmaker and photographer,

reviews the Tikee camera that he is using for his 30 years long timelapse project





Tikee 3 PRO+ solution by Enlaps


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