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Do you have a Tikee camera for site monitoring, events or to promote your company in the tourism sector? It's time to see all the features this equipment has to offer. From installing your Tikee camera to creating your timelapses, find out how to make the most of the power of Tikee cameras. To make it easier to understand and use your timelapse camera, we've put together a series of video tutorials.


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With an Unlimited subscription, you have access to Storytelling and Reporting features.
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Getting started with Tikee


How to get started with Tikee?

In this first video, you'll learn all about the contents of your Tikee box. Learn how to start your timelapse camera, and how to connect it to start using it!


Installing the Tikee time lapse camera on a building site

This tutorial will help you get your timelapse camera up and running efficiently. From equipment positioning to installation tips, configuration and sequence creation, find out everything you need to know about setting up Tikee on a construction site!




myTikee - Basic features


How to generate 3 formats

In this tutorial, learn how to generate the 3 formats (right images, left images and a fusion of the two) of your timelapse shot, thanks to our myTikee platform.



How to share and download

Learn how to download your images and videos from the myTikee cloud platform. Also discover the different sharing options (private link, iframe).



How to duplicate a point of view?

With mytikee.io, duplicating a point of view has never been easier. Thanks to this feature, you can carry out various tests (isolate images under a blue sky, isolate images without raindrops, isolate images from a given period, etc.) without ever worrying about losing your main viewpoint.



How to exploit the 6K resolution with Pan&Zoom?

As video creators, we're always on the lookout for new ways to push the boundaries and create even more stunning videos. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use the Pan&Zoom function to make the most of your timelapse sequences in 6K.



How to make a point of view public?

In just a few clicks, give your project visibility by making it public! Share your camera images in real time on your website or corporate extranet.



How do I add a sequence remotely?

Learn how to add a remote sequence to your timelapse project, thanks to our myTikee platform. In addition to images taken at 30-second or 5-minute intervals, you can remotely order a burst of images to capture a specific moment in your project.



Discover the sunrise/sunset feature

At a glance, visualize your images by isolating only sunrises and sunsets. Thanks to mytikee.io's Artificial Intelligence, select the most beautiful shots for your timelapse video.



Make a Magic Fade

The Magic Fade feature lets you enhance your point-of-view with a high-quality before-and-after shot. Generate a dynamic format by selecting two dates, and discover at a glance the evolution of the site by moving the cursor to the right or left for an immersive view of the project.



How to use time filters?

With the intelligent temporal filters feature, you can create timelapse videos of a chosen moment (date, hours, days, duration of your video) to select the best moments in your project.




myTikee - Storytelling features


Create a portfolio

Create a portfolio to keep all your Tikee cameras in one place. Organize your projects in just a few clicks with mytikee.io



Use smart portfolio filters

Smart filters save you time in the final editing of your timelapse video by using only those images that add value to your project (isolating photos without raindrops, or with only blue skies, etc.).



Choosing and changing views in the portfolio viewer

Several views are available in a portfolio: panoramic, before/after, immersive, ... it's up to you to make the most of your images!



Using the Timelapse Builder

The Timelapse Builder on our myTikee platform gives you the best possible rendering for your timelapse export, with the minimum of effort! (English subtitles available)



Customize your iframe

Learn how to customize your myTikee iframe before integrating it into your web page. (English subtitles available)



Using sharing links

Learn how to generate private links to your projects via a web page, iframe or JSON. Share your pictures privately using secure links (secure links only available to myTikee Unlimited subscribers). (English subtitles available)



Use the masking feature

With mytikee.io, create zones to mask certain areas or elements of your images, and generate timelapse videos taking these masks into account.



Connect your FTP to myTikee

You can transfer your images from mytikee.io to your own FTP or SFTP server. Find out how in this video.





myTikee - Reporting features


AI Dashboard Tutorial

The AI Dashboard is an image visualization and analysis platform that uses AI to identify and detect many types of objects, people and situations. (English subtitles available)



Filtering detections on the AI Dashboard

Find out how to filter detections on your AI Dashboard. Choose to display all photos, or only those with detections, or those where PPE is not worn.





myTikee - Unlimited Features


Launch a livestream

Learn how to launch a live streaming video session from one of your camera's lenses in HD resolution (1280 x 960). Only available for Tikee 3 PRO+ cameras.





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