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  1. One of the best professional timelapsers reviews Tikee 3 PRO+

    One of the best professional timelapsers reviews Tikee 3 PRO+

    One of the best professional timelapsers reviews Tikee 3 PRO+

  2. 3 key features for a unique monitoring

    3 key features for a unique monitoring

    Discover the Viewsfeed, the Control Room and the easy iframe customization.

  3. Two export formats for your Timelapse Builder videos

    Two export formats for your Timelapse Builder videos

    New on myTikee: The choice between two export formats for your videos generated with the Timelapse Builder

    It is now possible to choose between formats H264 and H265 for your Timelapse Builder exports on myTikee.io.

  4. A map that locates your cameras!

    A map that locates your cameras!

    New on myTikee : A map that locates your cameras!

    For even more simplicity in managing your cameras

  5. Timelapse Builder V2 is available!

    Timelapse Builder V2 is available!

    Available on the myTikee cloud platform, the Timelapse Builder will allow you to get the best rendering for your content,

  6. Iframe timelapse project

    How to customize the iframe of your timelapse project?

  7. Time changes

    Learn how to manage time changes for your Tikee camera

    Time changes are not always automatically well managed by connected objects and often a change in the settings is necessary. In this article, we explain

  8. just like before

    Just like before

    With a few images a day over a sufficiently long period of time, one can have a fine understanding of certain social phenomena without compromising people’s p

  9. Social distancing

    Quantifying measures of social distancing

    Did you know that it is possible to say that the confinement we are currently experiencing has made it possible to reduce the number of “risky” interactions in

  10. Combe Maudite

    The “Combe Maudite”: its secrets revealed in time lapse

    Interview with Luc Moreau - Glaciologist - Partner and friend of Enlaps


    The new Tikee camera

  11. Covid

    COVID-19 as seen by our cameras

    For some time now we have been conducting an experiment in understanding public spaces with a large French metropolis.

    The aim is to regularly capture

  12. Timelapse Store

    Meeting The Timelapse Store in the UK

    At the beginning of the year 2020, our distribution network has expanded. You can now find our professional timelapse cameras and accessories at our retailer

  13. Audiovisual Company

    Tikee timelapse camera test by an audiovisual production company

    Timelapse camera about Tikee feedback from Jean-Dominique Lamy, Director for

  14. correct horizon

    How to correct the horizon of a timelapse made with Tikee?

    Thanks to the wide field of view (220°), the images made by Tikee have a panoramic format. This is why you can sometimes notice “distortions” if you have

  15. DNG

    How to generate a timelapse from DNG images with Tikee?

    In this article, we will only detail how to capture images in DNG format with Tikee, what to pay attention to when developing images, and how to generate

  16. studiosport

    studioSport test bench of TikeePRO the time lapse camera

    Enlaps, king of the time lapse camera made in France!

    Find below the article written by studioSport following their meeting with Enlaps

  17. Enlaps now on Kickstarter !

    Dear Time lapsers,

    Enlaps team is proud to announce the launch of its

  18. Enlaps : awarded at the Spark design contest

    The Enlaps team is pleased to announce that its time lapse product Tikee has been awarded at the international contest Spark Design 2015 !
    Peter Kuchnicki,

  19. FOCUS Tikee #4 : Take pictures in every weather conditions !

    A housing weatherproof for outdoor use. In the mountains, at the seaside , in the rain or sun , make your pictures under any conditions.

  20. FOCUS Tikee # 5: Use Tikee as you wish !

    On a tripod, a rock, or a roof, install Tikee anywhere thanks to its non-slip base. Its standard thread allows the use of your existing accessories, or

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