Manuals and Downloads

Manuals and Downloads

Manuals and Downloads

Firmware update

Version 5.5.0 :

  • Additional fixes for battery level drop issues

  • Fix for network connection loss issue

  • Support for 14-digit phone numbers with country identification prefix (e.g., +33)

Which Tikee model do you own?

Tikee 3 PRO / Tikee 3 / Tikee PRO 2+ / Tikee PRO 2 / Tikee PRO / Tikee

How do I update my camera?

1) Download the latest update available above from a computer and copy it to the previously formatted microSD card.

2) The file must be named TikeeUpdate.fw (and not TikeeUpdate(1).fw for example, if your web browser renames it).

If the battery level of the camera is below 50%, please plug in your Tikee.

3) Insert the microSD card into the dedicated slot and turn on your Tikee.

4) Connect to your Tikee with the mobile app.

5) Go to the "Advanced Settings" menu and click on "Update".

The update may take several minutes. Once completed, you will receive a success notification on the mobile app.

6) Close the mobile app and restart your Tikee.

For iPhone users, please restart your phone.

Connect to your Tikee with the mobile app, the version number of your Tikee should match the number of the new software version.

7) Begin recording if a sequence is already set or create a new one.

Note 1 : If your current version is an old version (< version 4.1.1, 2021 and before), please note that your wifi/LTE credentials and sequence settings will be erased. You will need to enter these details again.

Note 2 : Make sure to download the update compatible with your camera model (see above).


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