Time lapses by Tikee

  1. Combe Maudite

    The “Combe Maudite”: its secrets revealed in time lapse

    Interview with Luc Moreau - Glaciologist - Partner and friend of Enlaps


    The new Tikee camera

  2. Timelapse Store

    Meeting The Timelapse Store in the UK

    At the beginning of the year 2020, our distribution network has expanded. You can now find our professional timelapse cameras and accessories at our retailer

  3. studiosport

    studioSport test bench of TikeePRO the time lapse camera

    Enlaps, king of the time lapse camera made in France!

    Find below the article written by studioSport following their meeting with Enlaps

  4. street art festival

    Grenoble Street Art Fest : First week

    The Grenoble Street Art Festival started last week! We are proud to be this year again partner of this festival. We are taking this opportunity to make several time lapses of murals made during it! It was hard for us to make a choice on which artists to showcase, but here we are with our two first videos!


    The “turtle” of  Veks van Hillik

    We have met Veks (www.veksvanhillik.com) again, lots of you liked our time lapse of the giant fox he made last year! It was a pleasure for us to discover more of his poetical and peculiar world!


    The “Grenoble Street Art tram”!

    The Grenoble Street Art Fest proposed something totally new this year: the total makeover of a tram! Two artists worked during a whole weekend on this

  5. Grenoble street art festival

    Grenoble Street Art Fest : Second week in time-lapses!

    We meet again one week after our first article, to talk again about the Grenoble

  6. < ENLAPS at CES 2017 > discover us in video !

    Meet us at Las Vegas !

    CES Unveiled, 3rd January

  7. A self-sufficient time lapse camera in Cannes

    40 seconds … to relive the 4 days of the largest international real estate trade show. Thanks to Tikee, a solution to create easily amazing time lapses, t
  8. Festival Musilac 2105, 110000 people in time lapse !

    110k people in time lapse this is just amazing ! Thanks to time lapse photography watch the Festival Musilac like you never seen before ! Enlaps used 4