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Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in digital photography. One of the most utilized forms of AI in photography is deep learning, which is a subset of artificial intelligence stemming from machine learning where the system learns independently (thanks to data models), as opposed to programming which merely executes predefined rules.

This AI is now embedded in the photo mode of many premium smartphones, enabling automatic scene detection and even image extrapolation.


AI applications in photography and video

In the context of AI in photo and timelapse, we can highlight:

  • interpretation of images: analysis of image content (objects and their placement) with varying levels of depth, extending to how these objects interact.

(source NVIDIA)

generation of non-existent faces (

  • detection of “deep fakes” referring to manipulated images or videos that become widespread online. For instance, the startup Truepic offers counterfeit detection services leveraging AI

  • enhancement of shots, notably improved “selfie” mode with a bokeh effect that adds depth of field when detecting one or more faces

  • automatic capture upon detecting smiles

  • swift and intelligent enhancement of numerous images automatically, such as the application designed for professional photographers by Meero

Artificial Intelligence & Timelapse

Timelapse, a method for visualizing rapid changes in events, greatly benefits from advancements in AI. Here are several compelling features provided by AI in this area:

  • object, person, or animal detection through advanced image recognition training for counting, security, or blurring aims.

  • intelligent and automatic image enhancement: tools like Let’s Enhance use SISR (single image super-resolution) technology powered by Artificial Intelligence to refine image resolution. Interested in trying? Here's the link:

  • intelligent prediction calculations for tracking objects or individuals (source Tali Dekel):

  • automated shooting based on predefined scenarios: for example, Google’s latest smartphone Photobooth mode automatically captures the optimal selfie

  • selection of premier photos for timelapse video creation using smart algorithms tailored to each application/tool.

  • conversion of a regular video into a slow-motion video through AI-based photo frame interpolation (source NVIDIA):

 Timelapse Solutions Integrating AI

Certain timelapse cameras, like the Tikee range from Enlaps, already incorporate AI algorithms to fine-tune shooting settings, recognize objects and individuals, assure GPDR compliance via anonymization and blurring, improve videos, and curate the best clips for a flawless end product​​​​​​​​.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing photography and timelapse by offering boundless opportunities to enhance image and video quality. Enlaps stands as a market leader with its groundbreaking solutions, merging state-of-the-art hardware with cloud-based platforms for a superior user experience and impressive professional-grade results.

To discover more about Enlaps solutions and how they can revolutionize your projects, visit our website and stay connected with us on social media.

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