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Learn how to manage time changes for your Tikee camera

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Time changes are not always automatically handled well by connected devices, and a settings adjustment is often required. In this article, we'll guide you on how to correctly reconfigure your Tikee camera when a time shift occurs (without altering the time zone).

Before diving into an example of managing time changes on your Tikee timelapse camera, here are some important considerations:

Essential Considerations Regarding the Tikee Camera and Time Adjustments

  1. UTC Timing: Your Tikee camera operates strictly on UTC timing, irrespective of its geographical placement.

  2. Time Zone Specification: Established during the first setup via the associated mobile app.

  3. Lack of Automatic Adjustment: The Tikee camera does not shift its time settings automatically (for example, during transitions from daylight saving to standard time).

  4. Requirement for Manual Editing: When a time change occurs, you must manually update the shooting schedules by connecting to the camera's mobile app or making changes via the web application.

To elucidate how your Tikee camera operates with respect to time changes, consider this brief illustration:

Suppose you want your camera to snap photos from 10am (UTC+2 time zone during daylight saving). In the summer, you would simply set up your shooting schedule for 10am.

Using the Tikee Remote mobile app to connect to the camera: your Tikee will automatically sync to the new UTC (matching that of your phone) and you can adjust the start and stop times as necessary.

On the mytikee web platform:

As winter approaches and you switch to standard time, logging in at shows your shoot scheduled for 9:00 am (UTC+1 time zone during standard time). This is correct because your camera’s configuration remains the same, capturing images at what is now 9am winter time instead of the 10am summer time you had set.

To program your camera for 10am shots in winter time, edit the schedule and set the start time to 10am instead of 9am.

However, your camera’s UTC time zone setting won't be modified. Essentially, your Tikee will interpret “taking pictures at 10am winter time” as “taking pictures at 11am summer time.”

The only consequence of this is on activity days; for example, if photos are taken at 11:30 pm on a Friday and Saturday is a non-shooting day, the camera will switch to Saturday's schedule while it's still Friday in France.

For construction professionals, videographers, or photography enthusiasts, maintaining precise timing for shoots is critical to producing high-quality timelapses, and capturing project progress with exact accuracy​​​​.

We trust this guide will assist you in seamlessly adjusting to time shifts with your Tikee camera, enabling you to persist in capturing remarkable scenes effortlessly. Should you need additional support, please reach out to our technical assistance team or visit our website for more information.

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