The best plug & play timelapse solution for the event sector

What makes Tikee the best solution for timelapse event recording?
Connectée & autonome

100% self-sufficient and connected

Photos 6k 220°

220° pictures in Full HD, 4K or 6K

Vue panoramique

Scenic view

Auto-création en direct

Automated content creation

Application web dédiée

Cloud platform myTikee

Weather proof

Weatherproof IP66

Timelapse and events

As a company or agency operating in the event sector, you can provide your clients with an innovative timelapse solution to help showcase their event (concert, trade show, conference, etc.) in a unique way, while emphasizing your skills in managing such an event. Our Tikee solution is ideal to record the dynamics and energy of a given event, before, during and after it happens. Timelapse is a powerful storytelling tool that helps brands and individuals who wish to tell a story and immortalize an event. In just a few seconds of timelapse video, you can convey what no amount of words can.

Tikee Timelapse evenement slide 1
tikee timelapse evenement slide 3
Festival street art Grenoble

A timelapse camera for construction with professional features
myTikee construction
Advanced sharing features

Create a portfolio that allows you to navigate between the different points of view of your Tikee construction cameras. You can also browse through your available data, which is continuously updated thanks to an automated view feed.

4K/ 6K construction camera

Merge your 4K / 6K images for unparalleled video editing possibilities.

2 sensors. 3 formats. 32Mpx..

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right or left sensor, or panoramic format.

Timelapse builder

Generate professional timelapse videos in one click by taking advantage of our timelapse software with advanced image processing and algorithms for selecting the best photos.

Real-time jobsite monitoring

Optimize the management of all of your Tikee construction timelapse cameras at a glance and control them instantly thanks to the Always On mode.

Arles Accorhotels Arena Coupe Icare
Dior Chambord VIVA technology
Contemplation Street Art Fest Hopscotch
Insight Outside Vaux le Vicomte Ville de Grenoble