Mattia Bicchi - Enlaps Ambassador



"I was very interested because (...) it could create the timelapse remotely, and a very competitive price"

- M. Bicchi


Mattia Bicchi is an italian timelapse and hyperlapse photographer based in Madrid, Spain.

He has over a decade of experience in this industry, has worked with some of the biggest names in the film and television industry (including Netflix, BBC, Ford, ...), and has established himself as a leading expert in the timelapse world.



In this video, he talks about his two year experience with a previous Tikee model, and then unboxes and sets up his new Tikee 3 PRO+.


“I remember my first long-term timelapse job back in 2014, everything was so complicated and expensive. (...) [With Tikee] things have definitely changed!”


As an Enlaps Ambassador, Mattia is hosting masterclasses on the Tikee Solution.

If you wish to attend, please choose a timeslot in the following calendar :

Mattia's Masterclasses will be held in Italian