Calculating the progress rate of a project

Keeping a track of project control and monitoring processes isn’t an easy task. So, there are a number of data factors based on which you’ve to calculate the project’s performance. However, the process is based on the project management field, so adding this to the schedule at the start of the project will cost you less effort later.


How to calculate the remaining percentage of a project? 

If everything is organized and planned in view of the management, it becomes easier to work on it later.

We’ve discussed some points on how you can calculate the progress rate of a project. Let's dive in further. 

Track Milestones

If you didn’t plan milestones for your project at the start, it might cost you a lot of effort to calculate the remaining percentage of a project. So, plan the milestones and enter the data in your record after each milestone is completed. This way, you can calculate the estimated duration of the project. 

You count progress to estimate the remaining time and check if everything is moving on the track. So dividing the project into milestones will help you calculate the actual percentage of the whole task easily.

Plan to track

The project type also values how you will calculate the progress rate. If the task duration is short, then the process of tracking will be different. You can gather the data at the start and then calculate the total progress at the end of the process. 

For example, if the estimated time of the task is a few hours or a couple of days, you don’t want to waste much time and effort on collecting data and playing with numbers. In most cases, the values of planned tasks result in much effectiveness; if you plan all the stages of the task and work accordingly, it will cost you much less effort when you enter into the difficult part of the task.


Using a project management software

This might be the best process to track all the data for the project, including the actual project percentage. The software will ask you to enter data like the project’s total time, complete tasks, and duration based on the data you want. Then, using the software, you’ll be able to view the total progress percent of the project and even the estimated time for the completion of the project.

Sometimes, when the project is 50 percent complete, people think the remaining time will be the same as it took to 50 percent. But this doesn't actually work, and this isn’t how the progress time is estimated. Mostly, it depends on the remaining tasks, some tasks might take less, and some might be tough and take a more extended duration.

Check individual performances of your team members

You cannot only rely on a number of formats to calculate the progress rate of a project. There are a multitude of aspects which you need to consider. For example, if any of your team members are running low with their performance, you might have to adjust the schedule and assign his task to anyone else. And if you are unaware of this, you might face problems at the last minute, leading to delay and imperfection of the project.

For example, if your task’s duration is in hours, like 40 hours or 50 hours, tracking the time would be the best work you can do. On the other hand, these might be considered short projects, so tracking the hours and the remaining tasks could help you get the estimated values of the progress percent.

Keeping aside the tracking of the project, why do you need to track your project?

The answers can be many; a project’s actual goal is to reach completion with perfection. There are software projects, hardware projects, construction projects, planning projects, etc. Your effort is essential regardless of the field, and yes, keep the cost in mind, use the resources efficiently.

And to be honest, using project management software is a must at present. You can track all the data and resources of your project. Just enter the total work duration, time of the completed tasks either in hours or days, and you can view the remaining percentage and estimated time of completion based on your given data. 

With the help of software, you can get your task completed according to your schedule without extra effort. Whether the duration is in hours, days, weeks, or months, you can calculate the progress rate of a project and follow the schedule to get it completed.