5 Software programs To Create Time Lapse

If you crave to shorten a multi-hour recording into a few seconds clip, or a sequence of images to a video, you will have to learn how to make a time lapse! Before heading onto the softwares that you can use to make a time lapse content, you need to get to know them a bit more.

The purpose of time lapse is to create slow-motion or accelerated videos with some changes in the frame rate and video playback acceleration. As a great fan of time lapse photography, maybe you are willing to find the best time lapse software to create stunning time lapse videos. If yes, you're in the right place now. 

In this post, you will shown the best 5 time-lapse softwares that can create exceptional time lapse videos without compromising the size, format, and quality of the product file.


LRTimelapse is a software that comes out with exceptional features for time lapse photography. It gives a perfect solution for frame-by-frame editing, key frame generation, scale, and rendering. LRTimelapse saves your time by reducing the editing time of the footage. 

This software offers a practical process where the users can store every shot in with the help of the conventional scope and camera resolution. LRTimelapse is a little unique in working, as it builds up and aligns flows that ultimately remove flickering and quick exposure settings in the workflow. If you find it suitable for your purpose, you must focus on learning more about LRTimelapse.


At the same time, this LRTimelapse software assists users in adjusting time intervals. And it can modify white balance and sort interval series based on all raw data. With LRTimelapse software, you can get control over key frame exposure, animation, color gradation, paint filters, and more editing staff.

Key Features: 


  • Best for advanced level users
  • Support for 8K, ProRes, HEVC
  • Adobe Lightroom exceptional features 
  • Eliminates all the flickering impact

Adobe Photoshop

You must already know about Photoshop. It has been a great tool for time-lapse for its exceptional layers, layer styles, smart objects, and vector graphics. Also, photoshop offers a new as well as excellent tool set and refinements, including some 3D ability.



But one thing I want to make clear is that if you think of very specialized use, Photoshop might not be the perfect fit to assemble a time-lapse. It works fabulous to face new challenges and can create outstanding time-lapse videos without a doubt. 

The latest versions of Photoshop offer a more creative tool set to edit and blend video with more ease and comfort.

Key features: 

  • Super easy settings
  • Amazing cropping experience 
  • Easy to organize photos or videos
  • Comes out with great selection tools 

Adobe Premiere Pro

It is one of the best time lapse photography software so far with which you can edit and cut raw material of your shots how you want. This software offers a complete tool set and also different types of supported settings to make your time lapse. 

The users can work on any file type with this software! And it can export any media or even turn the media directly into YouTube. Here are a few tips to prepare each step of the time lapse editing process :

Of course, all the pictures will have to be in order. When you want to import them into the software, choose the 'Image Sequence' checkbox. Adobe Premiere Pro can create a sequence and add the video file to the chart instead of still pictures.

Undoubtedly, it's the best time lapse photography software that comes out with plenty of editing tools including, simulating camera action, color editing, and managing video playback speed.

Key Features: 

  • Suits with other Adobe products
  • Offers cloud storage and tutorials
  • Great adaptability with formats
  • A professional time lapse photography software 


Final Cut Pro

This one is available on Mac computers. Final Cut Pro is easy to use, minimalist, and comes with unique features. It ensures you more than you pay for. This time lapse software offers grouping tools, an unlimited number of tracks, editing with multiple cameras, fabulous color balancing tools, adding and editing audio, and so on.



You can easily control the playback speed of input and final product files. It has specific settings that depend on the selection option.

Key features: 

  • Source dependent 
  • Modern metal engine 
  • Configured for Apple users
  • Top-rated time lapse photography software 



If you are looking for simple software, iMovie is the right choice for you! Though it doesn't offer highly advanced level time lapse programs, it is suitable for creating amateur time lapse videos. iMovie is pretty easy to use, and is free!



Just import your photos to iMovie. After that, drag and drop these photos to the timeline. When it finishes, pick all photos on the timeline and go to the 'Clip Information' panel. Then set the interval you want.

The time-lapse photography video will display at most 10 frames per second. You can slow or fast the speed of the video from the pop-up menu named 'speed.' iMovie allows you to choose your favorite speed.

Key features: 

  • Basic time-lapse software 
  • Creates studio-quality titles 
  • Provides green-screen effects 
  • Ensures 4K video of cinematic quality

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