Infrastructure monitoring


Vade Group is a US based company, specialized in providing real-time data from the curb. They aim at helping cities manage parking spaces through image capture and analysis.





Truck monitoring can be tricky, as when parking next to each other, they tend to hide and it becomes very difficult for algorithms to identify them independently.


Other criteria can make this identification difficult, such as weather conditions, view angle of the camera, large area to be monitored, distortion in the image, ... The State of Florida was looking to know the amount of available parking spaces located in the given rest areas.



"The Tikee solution proved to be 10 times less expensive compared to the previous one."





After a first step of 10 Tikee deployed the solution has proven to fit the requirements, both in terms of selfsufficiency and high quality pictures. 70 other Tikee 3 PRO were installed in only one months on the main truck parking area around Jacksonville.

Along with these installations, we delivered specific training for the Vade team to help them manage our solution.