We went to SiDo the 6th of April. One prototype of Tikee was displayed on the booth of Minalogic and this was an opportunity for us to visit the IoT fair and discover some new projects. We wanted to share our favourites one with you so here you go !


1 – Pikit : Buy effortless

carrefour pikit

Pikit is a bar-code scanner made by Eolane for Carrefour. Sadly, it’s only available in France. Its aim is to change our consuming behaviour, making it faster and easier. Indeed, you will just need to scan the bar-code of products you already own to add them to your next grocery list. In addition, you can speak to Pikit if some commodities doesn’t have any bar-code. Like, saying “2.20 lbs of apples” will add the apples to your list. Then, you can order it through Ooshop or Carrefour Drive (home delivery services Carrefour provides) or use it as a memo when you go to the supermarket.

Pikit was announced recently and is already available at 29,90€ | Official site

2 – Smart waste sorting with Eugene

test d'eugene au sido

We got to know Eugene in the Start-Up zone. Both similar and very different to Pikit, Eugene is a little box you hang in your kitchen. You can scan any bar-code with it and know whether the product is recyclable or not. It makes the waste sorting easier but it’s not the only assets it has ! You can find all the products you’ve scanned on your smartphone and add it to your next grocery list. More than that, you earn some points each time you scan a product. You can then redeem your points to get a coupon to use on day-to-day products !

Most of all, you can track your consumption to know the percent of recycled products you used or to get the detail of what’s inside the products you are using. You have to wait the release of the product but you can subscribe to the presale !

Eugene will cost 79€ Official site

3- Heroz : never far from your smartphone

heroz et son fondateur au sido

Heroz is a start-up which imagined a smart device that will alert you if someone is trying to steal your phone. The concept is easy : your smartphone will lock automatically and an alarm will start if it is more than two meters far from you. Also, the device will alert you if someone tries to use your phone. Heroz is smart : it means that it’ll shut down when you’re at home or at your workplace. The product itself is elegant but subtle, made with wood and aluminium. It’s an accessory you can wear at your wrist or put on your shirt. We love the eco-responsible approach in the manufacturing. Heroz is answering a real need we have now that our phones are more and more powerful.

Heroz will be available at less than 50€| Official site

4-Mirabook : when your laptop and your smartphone are just one

We just said it : our smartphones are more and more powerful. That means, they are subtly replacing our laptop for several tasks (like, the desktop ones). Mirabook was conceived following this statement and gives the ability to use your phone as a computer !

Thereby, Mirabook is just an empty shell which uses the power of your smartphone to run. You have the comfort of a 13″ laptop and you can still use your phone to play, answer a call or write a text message. The main advantages of Mirabook is it lightweight (less than 2.20 lbs) and the battery life (24 hours). The project is still suffering of some lacks but it’s still very promising from what we’ve seen during the SIdO.

A crowdfunding campaign will be launched this AprilOfficial site

5- Atmoph : the smart window of the SIdO

The SIdO hosted this year a japanese start-up offering a window not like any others ! Man can indeed choose a landscape his Atmoph window will show. A large library of videos is already offered and you even can use your own videos ! The image quality makes the experience striking and we really have the feeling of being somewhere else, in Tokyo or facing the sea. This windows has some others features like displaying a calendar and a clock. Consequently, this idea broaden the possibilities of interior design we have. And why not put some timelapses inside it ?

The smart window of Atmoph is available at pruchase at 599$ | Official site