Enlaps the French start-up providing the first all in one timelapse solution for professionals has signed an agreement with MK Timelapse to be its first Enlaps Preferred Partner in Germany.

This solution called Tikee includes a camera, a web application fully dedicated to video editing and social media sharing, all controlled by a mobile application, It is mainly used for site monitoring, event and tourism purposes. With more than 3500 units sold, it has been recognized as the best and most affordable solution for service companies and professional photographers.

In order to reach more customers and extend the Tikee experience in Europe, Enlaps has launched two years ago the Enlaps Preferred Partner Program (EPP) dedicated to companies that are willing to offer services using its Tikee solution.

A fruitful partnership to address the German market

As part of this strategy MK Timelapse, a worldwide reference for long term timelapse, has decided to add the Tikee camera to their portfolio of high-end solutions and to join the EPP Program.

“We love the Tikee camera! Now we can give our clients two choices: Uncompromising quality with the 50mp MK V4 II systems and the unbeatable flexibility of the Tikee. The Enlaps team is highly professional and fun to work with” says Max C. Moos, CEO of MK Timelapse. “We are looking forward to being Enlaps Preferred Partner in Germany.”

With this agreement, both companies will bring to German customers an innovative solution that can offer real monitoring tools as well as stunning and exciting digital content for communication purposes therefore democratizing the use of timelapse.

“We are happy to have signed this agreement and we are excited to have MK Timelapse joining the Tikee revolution said Antoine CEO and Co-founder of Enlaps. As we reinvent the timelapse technology, we are thrilled to bring the Tikee experience to the German market, one of the biggest markets in Europe for digital imaging.”

About Enlaps Enlaps was founded in 2015 by Antoine Auberton and Benoît Farinotte. It has reinvent timelapse with its revolutionary Tikee solution (Time Keeper) dedicated to professional photographers and businesses that want to produce and share high quality and innovative digital content.

About MK Timelapse Founded in 2005, MK timelapse set a benchmark for the production of cinematic quality movies, and continues to raise the bar with their in-house development of camera systems and software solutions. With hundreds of projects completed all over the world, their clients benefit from a wealth of experience in the field of professional long-term timelapse.


For more information check out the Enlaps website at www.enlaps.io & MK Timelapse www.mktimelapse.com

Antoine Auberton, CEO antoine.auberton@enlaps.fr

Max C. Moos, Managing Partner moos@mktimelapse.com