Time changes are not always automatically well managed by connected objects and often a change in the settings is necessary. In this article, we explain how to properly reparameterize your Tikee camera during a time change (without changing time zone).


Before giving you an example of time change management on your Tikee timelapse camera, here are some points to note:

    1. Your Tikee camera is always in UTC time wherever it is installed.
    2. Its timezone is determined by the mobile application that set it.
    3. Your camera does not change the time automatically (e.g. summer time/winter time).
    4. When changing the time (summer/winter), in order to take into account the time difference, you must either connect to the mobile application on the camera and change the shooting periods, or do this manipulation from the web application.

To better explain how your Tikee camera works with time changes, here is a small example:

You want your camera to take pictures from 10am (UTC+2 time zone with daylight saving time). During the summer, you just have to configure your sequence with this schedule (10am).

  • On the Tikee Remote mobile application when you connect to the camera : your Tikee directly retrieves the new UTC (the one of the phone) and you just have to change the start and end times if needed.
    • On mytikee web application:

When switching to winter time, you connect to my.tikee.io and see that your sequence is indicated as starting at 9:00 am (time zone UTC+1 with winter time). This is indeed true since your camera has not changed its configuration and therefore always takes pictures at 10am summer time, i.e. 9am winter time.

If you want your camera to take pictures from 10am winter time, you just have to edit your sequence and put 10am as start time instead of 9am.

However, your camera will not have changed UTC time zone. In a way: your Tikee will not understand “I take pictures at 10am winter time” but will understand “I take pictures at 11am summer time”.

This has no impact except for activity days when photos are taken at 11:30 pm on a Friday for example with Saturday inactive. In this case, the camera will already be switched to Saturday while the rest of France will still be on Friday.


We hope it will help you