myTikee, the innovative project tracking platform, is constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of its user community. We're delighted to present the latest updates that will revolutionize the way you track and share your projects.


New Live Streaming: For real-time project monitoring


Live streaming on myTikee takes on a new dimension with exceptional new features:


- Recording of Live sessions:

Record your live sessions for later viewing. The Live Streaming feature now lets you download the video (HD resolution 1280x960px) at the end of the live viewing session.

Download, save and share the highlights and crucial moments of your project.


- Launch a live session from the Portfolio:

Launch a live streaming session directly from your Portfolio. Get instant access to crucial moments happening on your site easily, and from a centralized location.


- Live streaming access from the Secure Links:

You can give password-protected access to live streaming sessions. Securely share your project tracking in real time with the people you choose.


Live Streaming features are available to myTikee Unlimited and Enterprise account holders who own a Tikee 3 PRO+ camera.




Share your Portfolio on your favorite social networks


The sharing functionality on myTikee has been enhanced to allow you to share your views and portfolios on a variety of platforms in just a few clicks: Facebook, Linkedin, X (Twitter), WhatsApp, and Reddit.

Broadcast the progress of your project with ease and connect with your audience in real time.


This feature is available to all myTikee account holders.




Data Frame : Pick a frame and get datas


The new detection filtering feature, called Data Frame, allows users to select and analyze one or more specific areas of their site.


Easily exclude areas outside your project location for more accurate analysis. All dashboard indicators will be updated to take into account only data from this zone (with the exception of the activity score).


This feature is available to owners of myTikee Reporting, Unlimited and Enterprise accounts.




New accessory: Enjoy a super-powerful external charger for your Tikee 3 PRO+.


External charger for Tikee, compatible with Tikee 3 PRO+ and higher.


The Tikee Power Adapter lets you plug your Tikee camera into a mains socket, allowing you to take long shots without worrying about battery levels.