Some years ago we gave ourselves a mission: making the creation of timelapses easy and accessible, delivering uncompromising professional image quality, capturing thousands of pictures over the long term, all in demanding outdoor conditions. Big deal.



Professional Image Quality


Capturing a high-quality immersive and panoramic view posed a significant challenge for the Tikee camera. To achieve this, we didn't settle for one sensor—we integrated two high-powered sensors. We opted for Sony's industry-leading expertise, and the 16 MP Exmor R CMOS.


The task isn't just about assembling hardware; it is about synchronizing two lenses to seamlessly blend their perspectives. Imagine a scenario where one sensor is directed towards the sun: if we apply its exposure settings to the other sensor, it would result in complete underexposure. So our algorithm ensures at each shoot a cohesive white balance and exposure settings between the two sensors.


The sensors are paired with an F2.8 wide-angle lens, providing each with a 122° horizontal field of view. To ensure seamless stitching, we require a 20% overlap between the two images. Ultimately, we achieve a 220° horizontal field of view, and the 16MP sensors enable a final stitched image with resolutions up to 7360x2650 and video quality up to 6K.


Article written by Kévin Picot, Tech lead & Co-Founder of Enlaps