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Accessories for your time-lapse camera


Time-lapse is one of the most interesting techniques to create videos with movement, and you probably know already that, to capture nice time-lapse videos, you will need the right time-lapse camera accessories. 

With the Tikee solution, you can choose your accessories. You can also create your pack with the accessories you like, and get it at a special price, which you can specify on your order, make your Tikee more creative, let it fit for your special purposes.

Here we share some of our favorite accessories which we highly recommend giving them a try:  

Time-lapse Accessories guide

What is a time-lapse accessory? A camera accessory that helps you achieve better results is referred to as an accessory. It is mostly used in time-lapse movie making. 

Tikee accessories are designed exclusively for your Tikee camera. Use them to customize your camera according to your needs. In this section, you'll find a wide range of accessories useful for your activities.

Get to know the many accessories available for your Tikee Time-Lapse Camera, and do more with your camera than you ever imagined.

Stainless Steel Arm

Our stainless-steel arm with a ball head is a perfect companion for your time-lapse video camera, allowing you to point it at any angle. Accessories can be attached at the top of the arm to stabilize it and hides its interior wires from view. Plus, with our standard 1/4"-20 mounting thread on the bottom, there's no need to use a separate adapter plate.

Soft Case

When you’re not using your Tikee time-lapse camera, store it in a protective soft case. It has a convenient slot for the SD card, so you don't have to worry about it getting lost. Made of durable material, this case keeps your camera safe and sound whether you’re traveling or just storing it away.

Mounting set

The mounting set allows you to mount your Tikee wherever you want it. You do not have to worry about purchasing an additional mount. Each mounting set contains predrilled holes, so you can fix the mount almost anywhere.

The mounting set allows you to install Tikee on a wall, on a pole, on a tree, etc.

Master Python Cable Lock

Undoubtedly, if you are reading this then you must be looking for a quality anti-theft locking system for your valuable objects including your travel camera. No need to worry more, Tikee Master Python Cable Lock is a locking cable that is specifically designed for discreet security. 

An ideal solution for security installations where the chain is not adequate, the Master Lock Python Cable Lock features a steel body and a threaded shackle that extends from 3 to 7/8 inches. 

Telescopic Fixing Pole

The Telescopic Fixing Pole is specially made for time-lapse cameras to take shooting height and angle into account, and features a removable and rotatable three-way mounting head for adjusting shooting height and angle. It can be mounted onto the camera, suitable for fixing the time-lapse camera where there is no object where to fix it.

Stainless-Steel Reinforcement

The side-arm is used to add stability and rigidity to the Tikee time-lapse camera, providing increased safety and reliability. The Tikee stainless-steel reinforcement is designed to be fixed under the camera using the 4 screws provided with the Tikee. This small accessory will save you much time when you have problems mounting your camera on a stainless-steel arm. These stainless-steel reinforcements are ideal for your Tikee time-lapse camera. 

Hard Case

This hard case for the Tikee camera can stand up to extreme conditions. With shock-proof and bump-proof features, this case provides great protection to your valuable recordings. The Tikee Hard Case protects your camera against impact during transportation or while on location. It will let you store all kinds of accessories for your camera.

Industrial micro-SD card

Industry Micro SD cards 128GB or 256GB, class 10, U1, Class 1 (A1) is a good choice for Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO  timelapse cameras. Our industrial micro-SD card is a very useful accessory connected to Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO  timelapse cameras, acting as a bridge between your camera and the computer.

If you want to store a lot of video or photos from your action camera or drone, the memory card is a convenient way to transport your files. This industrial micro-SD card is designed for timelapse applications and other IoT applications, video recording with optimized firmware to minimize image loss or critical data loss, record SDI signals, 4K video signal.

Lens protectors for Tikee

Expand the capabilities of your Tikee camera by using the accessories for making time-lapse videos. The lens protector is an accessory for your Tikee camera. Thanks to its material, the lens protector protects your lens against scratches and other mechanical damage during transport or while getting it dirty.

The Kit with lens protectors for Tikee is the most used accessory in time-lapse cameras. Protecting your lens with the lens cap is necessary, especially when you are not using it. When you clean your lens, remember not to scratch it with microfiber towels or clothes.

Must have types of accessories

Picking accessories time-lapse cameras, in general, is difficult because every one of them has special requirements to consider. Time-lapse photography is no exception! If you have started to take up this activity, you need to know all kinds of accessories out there to make it easier for you!

Ready to add accessories to your time-lapse camera? The products in this category are currently popular with many customers. They can be very useful for your time-lapse camera and advantage you to capture more creative moments! 

Combining two of them or more accessories will bring more convenience to you. This is just a simple guide for you to know the ways how to customize the products which you like. These are simple accessories to a time-lapse camera but can help you to be more efficient.