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Protection and customization for timelapse cameras


Are you tired of clouds covering your timelapse video? Sick of raindrops ruining your camera? Rainy day again, and the windshield keeps washing your timelapse video? Have no fear. If you're sick of bad weather ruining your time-lapse, look no further: we've got the solution! 


Look, there are just some accessories you shouldn’t do with your camera. Harsh weather is one of them. The other is filming outside in bright sunlight because you’ll have glare everywhere. But, what if you could keep everything under wraps?


Now you can protect your beloved timelapse camera! Enlaps offer covers that protect your camera from bad weather while personalizing your Tikee to match your surroundings! Let’s dive into detail:


Soft case

The Enlaps protection time lapse camera soft case is adapted especially for the Tikee time lapse camera. A special pocket has been provided to store the microSD card separately. This prevents it from being affected by moisture if the camera is exposed to bad weather conditions. The protection time lapse camera soft case can then be used in any weather or at any location, both indoors and out.


Masterlock Python cable lock

If you use a camera for time-lapse photography, then there are two major things to consider: weatherproofing and keeping your camera safe from theft. The Masterlock Python cable lock can do both of these things easily. This specific Masterlock Python cable lock comes with an adjustable locking mechanism that holds the cable tight regardless of how long it is, providing extra protection against the potential damages that may occur from theft or awful weather. 


Hard case

Protecting the Tikee time lapse camera is very important. If it's raining, snowing, or simply you are visiting somewhere with strong wind, the camera could be damaged. Enlaps has the perfect solution to prevent your Tikee time lapse camera from awful weather. It offers a water seal and anti-shock thick walls. Hard case is specially designed for a protection time-lapse camera


Lens protectors for Tikee


These helpful accessories are not for the camera but for its lenses, specially made for timelapse cameras, like the Tikee. Protecting your Tikee is very important for prolonging its life. This weatherproof rubber lens is fitted directly in front of the Tikee camera, protecting the original lens from scratches, impact, dust, and dirt. Also, a Microfiber bag is provided, helping to clean the lens and protect from bad weather. 


The need for Protection of time-lapse camera


Tikee is a time-lapse camera. It's already simple to use, but there are cases when you want more than just plug it and play. If there is an opportunity to shoot timelapse in the rain, or if the camera needs to be used in dusty conditions, or exposed to strong vibrations, there are many situations that require protection for Tikee or its accessories. 


There is no point in having a time-lapse camera if you don’t protect it from the elements. If there is rain, snow, or wind then you will get deformed images and videos. You can use weatherproof housing, but not all products are the same.  Protect and customize your timelapse cameras now with Enlaps.


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