Filippo Rivetti review of TikeePRO2+ time lapse camera

We had the honor to present our timelapse solution to Filippo Rivetti and to offer him a TikeePRO2+ time lapse camera to allow him to test it.

After discovering  and installing his TikeePRO2+, he tested the TikeePRO2+ on several long-term and short-term timelapses facing the beautiful Sydney Bay. He offers us a complete review of the Tikee solution by Enlaps for our greatest pleasure 🙂

Many thanks to him!

Filippo Rivetti, alias Timeflees, is an Italian filmmaker and travel photographer specializing in time-lapse and hyper-lapse. He has lived in Sydney, Australia for 10 years but his work takes him all over the world.

He specializes in tourism campaigns and destination branding, as well as the production of short films and innovative content for television and online platforms.

He has produced internationally award-winning short films that have been shown at major tourism festivals around the world. His videos have also been featured a few times in Vimeo Staff Picks, and have been viewed online more than a million times in total.

To watch Filippo Rivetti’s review of TikeePRO2+ time lapse camera:

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