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Elements of Tikee camera

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What is the size and weight of a Tikee camera?

Width: 210mm / Depth: 180mm / Height: 70mm / Weight: 1.28kg


What kind of support for Tikee?

On the bottom of Tikee there is a 1/4 standard camera thread. So you can use for a long term time lapse a tripod or a wall mount system to have a rigid installation and avoid to have movements on your time lapse. For a few hours time lapse you can leave the Tikee on its rubber pad.


How to charge Tikee camera?

Tikee can be charged with any smartphone charger (micro-USB jack). The charger will transform 100V or 240V to charge the camera.


Does Tikee have an anti-theft system?

Tikee can be secured through the slot where you can add a cable with a padlock for added security.


How can the solar panel be oriented?

It can move in any direction with a 360 ° rotating arm and is also tilting.


Can the solar panel charge the lithium battery?



How long does the battery last (without use of solar panel)?

It depends on the selected shooting interval. For example: Without sun: 1 photo every 15 minutes 24/24 with the sending of photos on the cloud: 10 days of autonomy; without sending data: 30 days of autonomy.