The job of project manager on a construction site involves many responsibilities on various missions. The Site Manager plans, organizes, directs, controls and evaluates construction projects from conception to completion, taking into account established deadlines, specifications and budgets. They ensure that each task is performed efficiently by coordinating activities, resources, equipment and information.

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In addition to directing and executing construction activities in a safe and productive manner, prime contractors organize groups of workers and assign tasks to them. They also supervise construction sites to ensure that the work is performed to the highest standards. Let's take a look at the different levels of the project manager's duties on a construction site.

Identification of means and resources

On a construction site, the project manager must be able to plan the project and identify the tasks to be performed. The project manager must then foresee the natural, human and financial resources necessary and inherent to each project.

Preparation of the work

After the study of the execution project, the project manager will take charge of the file in an operational way as soon as the contracts are signed. He will also have to take into consideration the quality specifications. The project manager on a construction site will have to check all the documentation relating to the execution as well as the implementation of the installations and constructions. Finally, the site manager will have to define and optimize the execution methods (material and human resources, etc.).

Monitoring and evaluation of the execution in the building sector

On a construction site, the manager will intervene in the choice of materials and equipment used in order to organize the purchase of the various elements of work as well as possible.

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  1. As a site manager, you will define the deployment of equipment and machinery, participate in the management of call for tenders and negotiations with subcontractors.
  2. Your role will be to manage and coordinate all trades, suppliers and subcontractors to ensure the smooth running of the project. You will be responsible for coordinating the project author, the site and execution managers, the control office, the safety coordinator and other participants.
  3. You will also have to anticipate each step, organize and use the appropriate technical, material and human resources. In addition to controlling the execution of the work, you must be able to diagnose possible problems and propose solutions.
  4. To participate in improving the project's margin, you will have to check the invoices of companies and suppliers, manage the various changes made by the owner or buyers, coordinate and manage the projects during the implementation phase (site meetings, summaries, etc.).
  5. As a site manager, you will be responsible for establishing and maintaining schedules, as well as implementing the various detailed schedules for the finishing work. In addition, you will be responsible for checking the progress of the work and drawing up the final accounts.
  6. Also, you will have to ensure that contracts are respected, as well as the quality and deadlines of the elements carried out and to make sure that all contractual parts are in perfect conformity.
  7. To follow the progress of the various tasks planned, you will have to achieve intermediate objectives, linked with the members of the project team. You will ensure that the specifications, deadlines, costs and quality are met and take responsibility for achieving results.
  8. As a site manager, you will be responsible for making health and safety arrangements to ensure that safeguards are followed.
  9. In addition, you will be responsible for writing site reports, recording incidents. Finally, you will be responsible for the completion and handover of the site.

Duties and responsibilities of the project manager in the construction industry

As a project manager on a construction site, your level of responsibility does not stop at the control of the site follow-up. You must be able to have a broad and very precise vision of the needs and steps to be followed in order to successfully complete the entire project.

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  1. As a project manager on a construction site, your job will require you to manage the human and material resources necessary for the execution of the works/services, proposing the recruitment of site personnel.
  2. You will be directly responsible for the management and technical, economic and administrative development of the assigned works/services, from the point of view of execution, quality and the environment, as well as the prevention of occupational risks. All of this with the objective of profitability and compliance with company rules.
  3. Also, you will have to provide technical support to the works manager (site manager) in order to optimize the contracted projects and/or offers and to respect the regulations in force in the areas concerned.
  4. As the person directly responsible for the work, you will have to respect and enforce the requirements of the Safety and Health Plan (SHP) and the Inspection Points Plan (IPP), taking into account the tasks performed. In addition, you will have to take into consideration the preventive measures, according to the existing risks and the quality of each job, controlling the compliance of all the personnel for which you are directly responsible and in subcontracting, as well as the possible external ones (providers, suppliers, visitors, etc).
  5. In the role of works manager, you will study and analyze the assigned projects/works for proper management, proposing improvements or reforms with the aim of improving the estimated initial profitability. To do this, you will have to elaborate, carry out and introduce the project planning, proposing strategies before the feasibility.
  6. As a project manager on a construction site, you will supervise the preparation, monitoring, review of operations and final execution of the works/services, preparing reports and/or studies to optimize the project for profitability and legality.
  7. Your job will also include on-site monitoring of the proper execution of the project, as well as compliance with the requirements and/or conditions imposed on the materials and services provided by the suppliers. You will identify incidents, propose and take action accordingly.
  8. Your training and experience will enable you to supervise the work/services with the client, holding meetings with the client to analyze deviations that modify deadlines or work ratios. You will also have to write and send the minutes of the meetings and all those necessary following the meetings held with the client or their interlocutors.
  9. As a works manager on a construction site, you will have to keep the company's monitoring, control and management systems up to date, according to the dates set by the head office. You will have to ensure, through all your actions, the image of the company, avoiding or transferring situations that go against it.
  10. Finally, you will be directly responsible for informing the client's invoice approval circuit and for following up on any delays in collection due to technical issues.

Project manager: job offers in the construction sector

To work as a project manager on a construction site, you must first have completed a professional engineering training program in the public works, building or civil engineering sector. Once you have your diploma and your professional ambitions are defined, all that remains is for you to enter the job market.

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Construction manager, site manager, project manager, engineer in the building industry... The building and construction sector has the wind in its sails. It's time to work!