If you still have doubts about the communication power of timelapse, you will soon be convinced. Whether in the construction sector, in the field of events or in the tourism sector, the timelapse video retraces the history of a unique moment in time, on a precise geographical location, all in a few seconds!

The most beautiful timelapses of events

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch above Los Angeles


Compilation of Hyperlapses of Festivals


Incredible Time Lapse shows 7 events in 8 days at Philips Arena


The most beautiful timelapses of tourism

Liberty - New York City Timelapse 4K


Colors of Paris - 4K Timelapse


Timelapse seen from a hotel in Haute-Savoie


The most beautiful timelapses of construction

Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium Construction


Tampa International Airport Construction


São Paulo Corporate Towers


Tallest Hotel in North America : Marriott Construction


The timelapse, a new visual communication tool

Timelapse has always been one of the best visual communication tools. Indeed, this technique allows the creation of a time-lapse video that highlights the changes that occur over a given period of time. Thanks to this process, brands and companies now have a new tool at their disposal to communicate effectively with their audience. The quality of the content and the ease of use make it a major asset to capture the attention of an audience.