The Glaciological Service of Lombardy (SGL) is a non-profit scientific association whose objectives are research and monitoring in the alpine glacier field, the sharing of data and research carried out, the publication of a glaciological journal (Terra glacialis), and the training of glaciologists.

The SGL has been using the Tikee solution since 2019 to observe the evolution of glaciers in the Lombardy region.


We know that for several years, temperatures have been rising steadily, generating the reduction of many glaciers. A new Tikee camera was installed on the Fellaria Glacier at the end of June and effectively made visible the effects of the climate crisis on an alpine glacier tongue.



The balances are so negative that they reach double of the values of volumetric loss of the previous year, which was the worst until now. The ice on the eastern tongue of the Fellaria glacier at 2650 m has lost 7.55 m in thickness, a value that has never been recorded in all our historical series on any glacier in Lombardy.


Glaciers make climate change visible to the general public, to whom temperature increases or energy balances do not necessarily speak. Enlaps is committed to raising public awareness of ecological issues, in particular through the Planet Watch initiative.


In this impressive timelapse, watch the evolution of the melting ice of the eastern tongue of the Felleria glacier during the summer of 2022:



“Glaciers cannot lie, glaciers show us, without many words and in an increasingly insistent way, the figure of our current collective failure on climate policies. Anyway, it may be a utopia, but let's hope that videos like the one we present can contribute, even in a small way, to a collective awareness, an essential condition for any kind of change. A necessary and urgent change, also because, as the last IPCC report reminds us: If we exceed 2 degrees, not only the glaciers will be in danger, but also civilization as we know it.” - Riccardo Scotti, Matteo Oreggioni (SGL)



With such observations, we can ask ourselves how long do these glaciers have before they completely disappear?