On a construction site, the project manager plans, organizes, monitors, directs, controls, and evaluates the construction project from conception to achievement, in accordance with the deadline for completion, specifications, and established budgets. They ensure that each task is performed efficiently by coordinating activities, resources, equipment and information.

Skills to have, acquire, or develop, to be a great project manager on a construction site

  • ANTICIPATION : Anticipate and plan the tasks to come in the next few weeks (seven days on a corporate site is an eternity, as the changes are so important).
  • UNDERSTANDING : Excellent understanding of the schedule is also required.
  • COMMUNICATION : Communicates clearly, both verbally and in writing, with owners, shareholders, subordinate staff, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • ORGANIZATION : Organized and able to manage time effectively, high attention to detail. Ability to prioritize tasks and responsibilities and manage time effectively in the face of a heavy workload. Ability to work on multiple projects in a dynamic environment.
  • ATTENTION : Constant attention to safety, cost control and customer satisfaction.
  • ANALYTICAL CAPACITY & LOGIC MIND : Analyze, manage and mitigate risks, to prevent problems and resolve issues that may arise.
  • RELATIONSHIP FACTOR : Having an excellent relationship with subcontractors is probably one of the most difficult tasks to coordinate. For this reason, the project manager must have the trust of the subcontractors.
  • LEADERSHIP : Focus others to achieve results and goals.
  • MOTIVATION : A proactive attitude, a positive outlook, a willingness and drive are essential to the success of a project.
  • MANAGERIAL ABILITY : The ability and knowledge to delegate a task.
  • SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE : Basic accounting skills and knowledge of billing and collection procedures. Have the ability to plan and track budgets.
  • PATIENCE : Temperance to resolve complex situations of the day, composure in the face of deadline pressure.

The role of the project manager on a construction site

The project manager on a construction site missions are plans and organizes the material, technical and human means to be mobilized for the execution of a given project in the best conditions of cost and time. In addition, the project manager on a construction site ensures the control and the technical, economic, administrative and commercial management of the work, as well as the human teams which work there to satisfy the employer and the final customer.

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The most common duties of the Site Manager include :

  • Monitor and report on the progress and development of construction projects, ensuring management time is met.
  • Maintain and regulate the budget provision per project, monitoring revenues and expenses.
  • Visit each job site to supervise the work of subcontractors and laborers to ensure they are working within the guidelines provided.
  • Analyze the terms and conditions set forth in the award contract and administrative specifications that will be part of the contract.
  • Analyze the project and its feasibility.
  • Plan the organization of the work.
  • Propose the most appropriate procedures and techniques for the development of the project.
  • Process orders from suppliers.
  • Manage contracts and obtain permits and licenses required for project development.
  • Establish budget estimates for each project and control the resources that are designated during its execution.
  • Plan and set management times and construction phases, as well as monitor the progress of the work according to the established schedule.
  • Control the official documentation of the works.
  • Control the safety of the construction site.
  • Train, manage and set up an efficient team of collaborators.

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