The timelapse is perfectly adapted to commercial video. It allows bringing a maximum of information in a short time; in any case, in less time than requires a traditional video. It also reveals what we can not always see with the naked eye, especially an event that takes place over the long term. Many sectors like event agency use timelapse videos for their commercial: sports, cars, tourism, and furniture. We have selected for you 5 commercial videos that use the timelapse technique.


5. Commercial for an exceptional motorcycle in video timelapse by ARCH

ARCH Motorcycle Company is a motorcycle brand created by Keanu Reeves, the hero of Matrix, and his associate Gard Hollinger. Made in California, these bikes are custom style, while combining modernity, and especially made for the legendary Route 66. With a motor of 2032 cm³ for 122 horsepower, it could be a reference in the category of luxury sport bikes, just like the price…

ARCH Motorcycle Company has chosen to use the timelapse technique to advertise its first commercial motorcycle, the KRGT-1. At the sound of motorcycle engine roars, this timelapse video gives us a zoom of the machine with a backdrop of magnificent landscapes.



ARCH Motorcycle Company KRGT-1 Time Lapse Commercial by ARCH Motorcycle Company


4. Family life in timelapse in an commercial video by Ikea

Ikea is the furniture giant specializing in the design and retail sale of furniture and decorative objects ready to install or kit. To testify to the importance of furniture in family life, Ikea reveals in an commercial timelapse the daily life of a dining table, sometimes a place of meals, sometimes a place of work, sometimes a playground for children. This scene takes place over a whole day but lasts only a minute: it is the use of the timelapse technique that allows to quickly reveal the daily events that the table “lives”, just like this family. A nice advertisement that highlights the importance of sharing moments around such a trivial but essential object.



IKEA 2017 Catalogue: Dining Room Timelapse by IKEA


3. The reconstruction of a car in an original commercial timelapse by Nissan

To market its new crossover, the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan unveils a rather original timelapse advertisement. The aim ? Different objects, more or less voluminous, such as a quad, a canoe kayak, or a scooter of the seas, always red, are brought to the center of a film set and are set to reconstruct visually a Nissan Juke. The performance is rather successful and the result quite fun … The timelapse technique makes it possible to follow the construction of this original project for an advertisement that is uncommon.



NISSAN JUKE TIMELAPSE Commercial by Rivista Automobilismo


2. When advertising makes it possible to discover the city of Istanbul in timelapse by Turkish Airlines

“From the top of the Galata Tower, where Hezarfen flew over the Bosphorus, to the Grand Bazaar that holds the secrets of Chinese silk clothing …”

Turkish Airlines unveils an advertisement that reveals the mystical side of this beautiful city shared between East and West and plebiscite its discovery. Timelapse and flow motion are gathered in this advertisement that invites us to follow a couple of travelers in their exploration of the city from every angle … And it makes us want to marvel at it too